Market 291: Driver Giulia SS in Texas

Update 7/16/12: This car has appeared for sale on eBay in Europe out of Southern California from a Zero feedback seller. Scam? Hmmm.

Update 3/17/11: 75 bids resulted in $62,750.  It’s no joke, game on for SS values!

Update 3/14/11: Bidding has reached  $40,000 and reserve is met with 2 days to go.  The suspense begins!

Giulia SS 10121*381379. This car is on eBay right now out of Texas.  Bidding is at just shy of $30,000 with 4 days left as I write.  This car is truly in ‘how you used to find them’ condition and frankly may be as much as $80,000 away from being a top money car, but for a capable DIY restorer that restoration number could get down to $40,000.  Why do I mention this?  See yesterdays post, which the seller references in their write up, a Giulietta SS sold for $140,000 at the Amelia Island auction.  This is a great place to start, but it still has to be reduced to nuts, bolts and bare metal and built back out to get in the league that car is in.  Then it has to find a buyer… Or it could be let alone, touched up, enjoyed and entered in the preservation class some day.

Looks great from this distance, through the lens of a camera after being hosed down.  Note dent above headlight.  Antennae has to go to.

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Market 333: SS Project 00486 in Ohio

Update 6/21/12: Didn’t take long for the 50+% dealer tax to be added to this car.  More pictures show it to be complete and needy.  Here it is in Denver.

I definitely don’t like the look of knock-offs. Pretty straight car.

Original post 11/5/11: Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00486, 00120*00949.  Frank pointed me in the direction of this car listed on Hemmings.  Condition is pretty good and it should make for a straight-forward restoration to ‘clean driver’ without going too far under water at the $40,000 asking price.  For a full on restoration it will require just as much work as a car like the disassembled project I listed recently.  Wheels are very rare (on a Giulietta) Borrani wires complete with a spare.  I’m personally not a big fan of the wire wheel look, but many are.

Am I blue?  Yes, but not the right shade.  Looks pretty good as far as derelict SS’s goes.

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Market 314: Giulietta SS Lownose 10120 00061 in aluminum

Update 5/15/12:  On the hammer this car sold for $195,804!  The low end of the estimate, but, it’s easy to spend other peoples money… I’d have sweated every dime. Not a bad purchase price for a nearly unique car.  Someday I’ll be in the running for cars like this -off to get a lotto ticket!

Update 4/21/12: Big money car needs a big money venue -so without further fooling around, this car is now being run through an RM auction in Monaco this May. Expected sale price $185,000 – $235,000. Not bad for what may well be one of the ‘best of breed’ SS’s. I sure want it!  Stuart- thank you for alerting me to this auction.

Could be you!  I like the gold tinted wheels.  Stellar.

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Market 338: Neglected Spider 1600

Update 5/6/12:  I don’t remember if it failed to get any bids, or was ended early, but this car is back on eBay after a brief hiatus.  Seller seems to have done some research and knows what they are selling this time around.  Car looks a lot better now and the opening bid has gone from $500 to $6499.  Such a deal.

Much better no?  Check out the difference in descriptions, both are posted below.

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Market 341: Nice Giulia Sprint in San Diego

Update 4/27/12: Seller sent me an email informing me that this car has sold for full asking price.

Update 4/12/12: This car is available again for the new asking price of $49,700, quite a bit more than it was when it first entered the market.  Detailing is thorough and some small problem areas have been fixed.  There have been some stellar examples of these late 1600 Sprints on the site over the years (see here for one) that have failed to sell for much, but maybe it’s a case of ‘that was then’ -after all the highest priced SS from the same time was a little over $60K.  Bravo for a an extremely well put together presentation.

Update 12/17/11:  Seller has been swamped with interest so the price is being rethought.

Giulia 1600 Sprint 10112 356435.  Kip informed me this car is available now from Motoring Investments in San Diego.  Color combo is great and the car appears to be in fantastic condition.  If it’s as good as it looks, it’s a bargain at $XXXXX and wont last.  You don’t see these 1600 Sprints very often.

I love these in Celeste blue.  Body looks fantastic.  Trim looks as good as the body and everything else looks as good as the trim.  If I had money to spend on a car I’d be on the phone right now (paying off my VW Jetta Wagon ;^)).

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Market 328: ‘restored’ identity crisis Spider 750D

Update 2/21/12: This car has turned up on LA Craigslist for $24,500.  Give Sergio a call!  Thanks for the notice Anthony.

That rear view mirror is STILL upside down.  Good luck.

Update 10/27/11: Statement by me: “I’m guessing it’s a late 60 – 62 Spider 10103 1300.”  I was right -one of the last 1300 Spiders -370324.  Buy it now is reduced.  Pictures are better -still has a 750 head and Miata seats.  $29,000?  Greig?  Laurence? Definition of restoration discussion ensues.

A positive ID.

10/12/11: Giulietta Spider 1495*03690This car is on eBay right now out of Salt Lake City.  Seller claims it’s ‘nearing the end of the restoration’ -I think that might be a mis-statement.  It can be yours buy it now for $32,000 – I don’t recommend that.

Smooth hood, vent windows -should be after about vin 09000.  Paint looks as good as it usually does in small pictures.  Whats the yellow thing in the marker light position? Continue reading

Market 347: Another Spider 750D 04335

Update 2/14/12: The auction reached $17,000, stalled for a few days then was ended early -cancelled really, so no record of it’s listing is on eBay, the it was relisted.  I don’t really think it’s correct or complete enough the get much past (or even realistically see) $20,000 and they are hoping to get $24,750 out of it.

Update 2/4/12: This car has found its way onto eBay.  Same pictures, same etc.  Description calls it a daily driver.

Update12/16/12: Hard top is not an original.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*04335This car is available now from Beverly Hills Car Club for $26,500.  It’s a good looking car at first flush, but a lot is not original, incomplete and funky.  Would make a good non-originali starter car.

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