Market 293: ’61 Spider Veloce Ex-Carrera Panamerica

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107*170380. This car is on eBay right now and has been featured on Bringatrailer.  Eduardo (seller) sent me a bunch of pictures you can see if you follow the vin link.  Engine is a later 2 liter and a lot of modifications have been done that make it ineligible for most vintage race series, but with a few creature comforts added this would make a great event car.  Email me of you can’t extract the sellers info from the above links.

Looks like it should for a rally/race car.  Hood is a later Giulia 1600 item, no doubt used to help clear the 2 liter.  The silver lines seen through the grills are the edges of a big radiator.

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2010 Sprint Speciale Market Review

Sprint Speciales are why I started this blog.  Below are the 2010 SS sales I recorded including the sale of my own two cars.  Seems like prices have gotten a little more realistic for middle of the road cars.  Enjoy.

Market 250 was 2 cars, the cheaper of which was SS 10121*380211, quite rusty but with matching engine selling for $6500.

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2010 Sprint and Sprint Veloce market review

As usual there were fewer Sprints than Spiders.  Other than some repeat customers, it was a lot of cars coming out of hiding.  Looks like you need to get in to the high teens money-wise to get into something that moves under its own power.   As usual they are presented in order of cheapest to most expensive.

Market 262 was Sprint 10105 20827, for sale out of Pennsylvania for $750 -probably the cheapest Sprint of the year.

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2010 Spider and Spider Veloce market review

2010 saw a lot of Spiders change hands around the world, from the roughest of the probably-impossible projects to the top of the market concours trailer queens. I did my best to take little snapshots as they passed with pictures matched to vin numbers and sale prices, but I probably missed a bunch. Anyway, here they are, cheapest to most expensive. Where no sale price was recorded I made an educated guess.  Last year I had more time so I did the Veloce’s separate -this year they are combined.  Lot of cars this year!

Market 230 was abomination “Jiuliet Spider Velosh” 750F*04640 selling for $1136.

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