Top 5 Cars for sale in 2009 on

While I was reading through the 107 market reports of 2009 and compiling the wrap up reports for the different models there were some real stand outs. It’s not because they were necessarily good deals or well restored or anything like that, they were just cars I liked and in a few cases really wanted to try and buy. Fortunately I am becoming  immune to the desire to buy all these cars, perhaps from seeing so many every week.  BTW:  There are links to all the 2009 market summaries at the end of this post.

So here they are starting with number one:

Market 131 will prove to be a source of irritation to me and probably others for years to come. Not only did it sell for cheap, it was complete, not far from roadworthy, came from a longterm alfisti and for me anyway, was a Giulietta with perfect patina. If I had known the auction was going to end at $27,000 I WOULD have figured out how to buy it. Continue reading


SZ SVZ and other rarities Market review 2009

Below are the cars that sell in such small numbers that it doesn’t make sense have a separate review for each. Still in order of least to most expensive with in most cases just the asking price identified.  I’ll try to find enough Giulietta Sedans and SZ’s this year to have reviews for each next year.

Market 94 was this 10109 Giulietta TI for 750 pounds, about $1200. Rusty, complete and cheap. Continue reading

Spider Market review 2009

It has been on my mind as I write the other 2009 market reviews that the Spider review is going to take some time to complete, there having been a lot of Spider sales in 2009. I am thinking this will be my longest post ever. I think this will be helpful to anyone buying, selling or trying to figure out the future value of restoration work. Enjoy!

Market 39 was 10104 1495*11267, selling for $2025 after a year of eBay runs. I think the difficulty with this car was location and portability. How do you transport a car from an absolute middle of nowhere dirt road that doesn’t have wheels or even axles to mount them on? Continue reading

Spider Veloce market review 2009

With just under 2800 Giuliettas and about 1000 Giulias ever made, the Spider Veloce is not the rarest of the 750/101 series cars, but it is the model with probably the highest collector recognition and demand in the model range. Add to this some peculiarities of production that create some groups within the range that are very desirable: about 50 1956 & 57 short wheel base (SWB) cars that are Mille Miglia eligible, another handful of 1958 SWB, 750 series engine powered cars, and the 1000 odd Giulia 1600 Spiders with essentially 1600 SS tune, and you see how these groups divide and how values should break down within the group.

Below are the Spider Veloce sales I recorded in 2009. I would break them down along the above mentioned lines, but then I would have bunch of 2 or 3 car comparisons, so here they are, least to most expensive and as with the other market reports, price mentioned is either asking price if no sale price was recorded, auction sale price or the price range I suspect they sold in.

Market 78 was 10107 167162, an interim car in need of everything that sold for $1000. A bargain if you compare it to cheap Normales that need the same amount of work.

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Sprint market review 2009

Just starting this review has me thinking about my Sprint. It’s sitting dusty and undriven for weeks in my carport. I love driving it, looking at it, just thinking about it I want to go out and find an excuse to take it for a cruise -lack of heater (my fault) and all. This fondness for my own example has me thinking about these cars in general. The Sprint is in a lot of ways the first of a breed and easily underestimated at ‘Normale’ specification. The price you can buy a good Sprint for these days is still very reasonable and if you get one you can use you will know the fondness of which I speak. Anyway, to the point, here are the Sprint’s you could have bought in 2009 in order of increasing price.

Market 75 was Sprint 10105 1493 22515, which failed to sell on eBay for $2551 -buy it now was $5400. This car sold about a year before for $310 out of Florida!

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Sprint Veloce market review 2009

2009 was a light year for Sprint Veloce sales with only 5 examples on the market that I wrote about. Here is the summary with cars listed from least expensive to most.

Market 158 was SV 750E 1493*11014, an interim project out of Southern California. Only a rusty one would be worse and it still managed to sell for $11,500.

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Sprint Speciale market review 2009.

There were 14 SS’s listed for sale in 2009 that I wrote market reports for. They are listed below in order of asking or if known selling price from least expensive to most, with me making prices up for a few as necessary.

Market 64 is for Giulietta SS 10120*00147. Asking price was $25,000. I think it’s still available. Not sure what it would take to buy it at this point. Market 131 makes this asking price seem very high.

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