Spider market review 2008

(I wrote this introduction first but am posting it last…) In order to organize the rampant chaos that my old posts are subject to, I have decided to do 2008 Market Reviews.  The 2009 Spider review aggregation was so much work I dreaded doing 2008, even thought of skipping it but in the end decided I had to do it.  Glad I did considering it ended up being only 9 cars.  You’re welcome.

Market 66 was 10123*375922, a Spider kit in a box that failed to sell for $2175.  I would have painted a ‘1:1 Giulia 1000 piece 3 dimensional puzzle’ sign on the side of this box. Continue reading


Spider Veloce market review 2008

Before 1966 or so, when an Alfa model was called Veloce it really meant something special.  After that they all seem to be Veloce’s in the US market at least -not that they’re not special, just that it became standard for them to be called Veloce.  Other countries have Juniors, but not normale’s.  Anyway, here are the Spider Veloce’s I reported on in 2008 -all two of them!

Market 33 was 1495*10203, going reserve not met for $14,100.  Car did sell but I didn’t get a final price.  It turned up in Italy and did a brief run on eBay there but I forgot to record what happened.

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Sprint market review 2008

Sprints did pretty well in 2008 with some project cars going for serious money.  Early (pre-06611) prices versus the rest send a clear message as to where the market will go and where you should put your money.  The best thing about owning a Sprint though, whatever series, is you get to drive it. 

Market 40 was 1493*22515, utterly stripped and selling for $310.  Such a deal. Continue reading

Sprint Veloce market review 2008

The Sprint Veloce is one of those cars that has a pretty big value range as is evidenced below.  It’s not really fair to lump them all together  -for what really does an early bred-to-race lightweight have in common with a late upholstered-for-comfort 101 car besides the basic shape and name-  but if I separated them I would have to write at least 3 market reviews and I don’t want to do that so here they are unfairly lumped for comparison.  I am wondering if SV 06476 is currently being restored…

Market 42 was 1493*08315, a seamonster of a Sprint Veloce failing to sell for $7000.  I would have gone for it if it was in my ‘hood. Continue reading

Sprint Speciale market reviews 2008

You know I like the SS’s so I’ll start my long overdue 2008 Market Review’s with them.  Below are the SS’s I wrote about in 2008 in order of cheapest to most expensive.  I didn’t keep as good of records when I first started this project so I ended up editing the posts along the way which made this project take a lot longer than it should have.  Enjoy.

Market 36 was this unidentified incomplete rusty hulk for 1000 Euro’s.  At least it rolls.

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