Market 405: 2600 Sprint 824960 -Nice!

2600 Sprint 10602*824960, 00601.  This 2600 Sprint is hanging out next to a 1900 Berlina at Fantasy Junction right now.  I went and saw it in person and it really is as nice as it looks in pictures.  The 2600 Sprint I listed recently was a pretty good deal at $23,500, since it’s got to be more than 65% of the car this is at $55,000.  The more I look at these, the more I think another 2600 Sprint might be on my reality based top 10 list, near the Montreal.

There is an air of 60’s American car about these -maybe it’s the size and lots of horizontal bars in the grill.  Note how skinny the tires are!  Very clean example.

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Market 394: Touring Spider 2600 192753 Champagne and red leather

2600 Spider Touring 10601*192753, 00106*065980.  This car is available now from the good folks at Fantasy Junction.  Color combo is an inspirational Champagne gold with red leather, and it looks amazing.  These big Touring Spiders have been popular with the high-dollar crowd for a while and represent an interesting slice of motoring.  Where a Giulietta is all nimble-ness, rev and simplicity -a motorized womb for the born to race, these are quite the opposite -fast but not quick, ponderous yet capable and as complex as a – well, I don’t actually have a good comparison, as complex as a Flaminia?  Too specific, as a Cold War era Soviet satelite?  Likely to get me watched by the anti-authorities.  How about ‘as complex as a Giulietta is simple’.  Sure.

Looks like a 1600 Giulia Spider with some accoutrements and, er, well, then it hits you –like a Giulia Spider that has a tooth for Bon-Bon’s.  Dig the built in driving lights.

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