Video Report: 1956 Spider. Neat!

Jerome sent me a link to this video he made.  Makes me want to head to Europe and drive around in a Giulietta!


Fuelist mobile app is in Apple app store, and it’s free

Some of you may know I have been working on this blog for 5+ years.  I have written about approximately 500 cars in that time, and that effort has given me some insight into how something like the Fuelist could/would/should work.  At one point, probably 3 years ago I set out to create a database that would display a list of Giuliettas that had sold at any level of model specificity, with details of the sale captured to try and normalize sales and get insight into what was important to buyers of these cars.  It turned out difficulty-wise to be something along the lines of building my own Sprint Veloce Zagato from scratch – doable, but highly unlikely without a serious foray in an as-yet undiscovered continent of skill developing: cutting code.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 5.28.46 AM Click here to go to the app store.  Works well with iPad and iPod touch too!

To all you Android users: an app for you is in the works.  To all you Windows, Blackberry and other non-iOS or Android users: unless the owners of said operating systems want to pay for us to develop for their platforms, I suggest er, I’m not sure what I suggest.

photo 1

A screen capture from my phone of the group of 750 & 101 Spider Veloce models.  Sortable by price and sale date.  I could just have easily chosen only 750F Spider Veloces or 10118 1600 Spider Veloces.

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Sometimes that news report is someone you know

I was shocked to learn last week that my friend Andy died in a work related accident.  Andy was my age and his son Ford and Rufus were born a few weeks apart.  We saw each other frequently at the park or the inevitable monthly toddler birthday party.  Andy leaves behind the family he supported as a struggling independent business man.  I always hear about how kind people are when it comes to helping strangers in need, so I thought I would pass this along.  Donations for Sita, Lola and Ford.

Sorry for the off topic post.

Market 480: 1900M ‘Matta’ AR5101384 in Florida

1900M AR51 01384, AR 1307 00610.  This interesting piece of Alfa history is available now out of Florida.  The Matta is very rare in the US -I think I may have seen one or two over the years in pictures, but never in person.  It is a fairly standard 1950’s ‘serious’ 4×4 offering – a sort of next step from the 4×4’s designed for WW2.  It occurs to me as I type this that the long lived lines of serious 4×4 players grew out of this period: Unimog, Jeep, Land Rover 88, Austin Gipsy, Toyota Land Cruiser, Fiat Campagnola, NIssan Patrol, yougettheidea.  Had Alfa based the Matta on the Giulietta engine, maybe there would be tens of thousands of them around -I know I would dig an open Fiat Campagnola type Alfa from the 1950’s!  I suppose there probably is one that I am not aware of…

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 7.00.07 AM


Great grill on these -has a modest character.  In the cramped garage with poor lighting for my auction pictures?  Why not!  No one else will be listing a Matta at the same time. Continue reading

2013 California Mille meet and greet

As I sit here typing this morning there are a bunch of well-to-do and enthusiastic about old cars types motoring through the backroads of California on this years edition of the California Mille.  On the Sunday before departure they throw a bit of a party at the Fairmont on Nob Hill where the public can go experience that warm-n-fuzzy and the participants can show off their rides, tans and other accessories and grooming habits.

This is the first Mille since Martin Swig’s passing and his sons David and Howard kept the show going admirably.  Everyone I know in the SF bay area seems to have an amusing Martin story.  He is missed.



This was the star of my show, a 6C2500 in a great color and on the road.  Anyone know the story of this car?

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La V Coppa Sant Ambroeus

Maurizo sends me a note: “I put this interesting video on YouTube.”  That’s an understatement -this is like the first time I saw the Shell Coup Des Alps video -except a little more lingering on the cars here.  Wow.  How many stills from this film or photographs have I seen from this day 54-ish years ago!

Post a comment with your favorite moment below.

101 Sprint CA plate TIG 200 -where are you now

A friend sent me this picture.  Not sure where he found it or when it was taken, but it’s a California black plate car with a road bike on a roof rack.  Plate number looks like TIG 200 or possibly TJG 206 or some combination there of.  Anyone know this car?

White car?  Period plate frame.  I can’t tell anything about the bicycle.  No hub caps.