Me and my SV

I’ve been messing around with old cars since 1985 and Alfa Romeo’s since about 2001. While I don’t claim automotive repair expertise, my professional life as a mechanical engineer combined with years of fixing old motorcycles, scooters and cars has given me a sense of how things should be. This sense, combined with my unashamed stupid-question asking of my local Alfa experts will hopefully see my 1959 Giulietta Sprint, on the road for years to come.

Drop me a line:

sprints @ giuliettas . com

Found this 5/22/08. http://www.alfacso.com/dialogue/viewtopic.php?t=437


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  1. Dear Matt,
    Very professional site, I hope I may learn from you, I enjoy it!
    Keep the revs up, and DO use your Giulietta for your commute!
    Your day will just be better for it…it starts the day with a smile!

  2. Hi Matt,
    Just want to thank you for an ongoing flow of interesting information on Giulietta’s.
    It keeps my spirit up in these difficult financial times and motivates me to work on my own Sprint a bit more.
    I wish you a very nice christmas holiday with a lot of Alfa happiness in 2009!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. It’s a cold winter night here in Wisconsin and I just found the great pictures of your cool Sprint in sunny CA. Thanks for helping me get through the winter and Alfa withdrawal!

  4. I would like to add my two Alfa’s to your registry.
    1958 Giulietta 750D AR 1495-05394 engine 1315-44489
    1962 Giulietta 101 AR 171793 engine AR00102-18507 (1960)

    I have had the 101 long door spider since 1987 bought it when I lived in San Francisco. I used to actually commute to work in it daily. 300 plus miles a week.

    I have been around the 750D short door spider since 1974 and recently got it from my long time friend. He bought it in New Mexico around 1969.

    Enjoy your site. Thank you. Charlie

    • Thanks Chris. Odd that they should say Sprint Veloce, Spider Veloce and SS. Sprint and Spider Veloces had 1315*3XXXX series or 00106*xxxxx series. SS’s have 00120*xxxxx or 00121*xxxxx which is what I am using. I think I will stick with the 00121.


  5. Matt,
    I have a ’58 Giulietta (purchased from Al Leake in Santa Cruz before he died) that we are putting together for vintage racing in N.CA. Having a really tough tie finding dashboard parts – ashtray, radio (face or factor block off), dash-mounted rearview mirror and the original knobs/switches. Although she will be a racer, we want “Stella” to have a very original feel on the interior. Any suggestions where I can get these parts in reasonable condition??

    • Dan,

      Sprint? Ashtray is tough! eBay has most of this stuff come through. Alfastop/OKparts/classicalfaUK etc has most of it new.


  6. Here are a few I am or did own:
    1495-04365 Spider Veloce born: 1958, couldn’t find my letter with exact date, white/red vinyl, fully restored as original
    1493-06920 Sprint Veloce born: Aug 6 1958 Azzurro Riviera (AR322 light blue) 750 transition, 750 motor, tunnel case, egg crate grills, large tail lights, to be restored
    1493-20716 Sprint Normale, crushed, originally red
    1493-20716 Sprint Normale, not running, not restored, originally light blue
    AR171288 Spider Normale, white/red vinyl, titled 1962, my 1st Alfa, wreched, crushed
    AR378208 Spider Normale, light blue/black vinyl, titled as 1964, wreched, now parts car
    AR381130, Guilia SS, born: April 16, 1964 Gardenia white(AR005)/blue leather, fully restored as original

  7. hi, have juswt discovered you and think its fantastic what you do. i have a gtc and am now about (i hope) to buy an ss which, according to your list was black. it is now dark blue (and seems to have been done well as i cant see any other colour anywhere). i’ve raced old cars all my life and never cared about ‘originality’ – but my wife is very worried that this potential colour change would affect the resale value if we were ever to want to let it go. what do you think – any comments gratefully received.
    glyn (uk)

    • glyn,

      I don’t think it matters if the color was changed on an SS as long as it didn’t go to a horrible color/metallic or something and as long as the color change is complete. If they were all kept original color there would be a lot of red SS’s in the world! Mine was red and will be either black or very dark gray.

      Thanks for dropping by,

  8. hello again matt – thanks for the rapid reply, it was a great surprise! another couple of questions – hope you dont mind. the gtc is disc brakes and 1600, how different is the response and braking on the ss? i have never driven a 1300 and drum brakes revive memories of panic on mountain passes! i use my cars – the gtc has just done 5000 miles in italy without missing a beat and the ss will be subject to the same. your site is a joy. keep well.

  9. Matt!!!Your site is wonderful. I had a 67 GTV that I bought new when I was stationed in Germany. All my friends had Porsches and did not understand the only true sports cars are Italian. I could do a pretty good number on a 912 but 911s were a bit tougher. After all these years, I am wanting to get back into the Alfa world and I’m getting a much needed education via you efforts. Many thanks
    all the best

  10. Hi Matt,
    I’ll send you some Vin numbers when I get around to finding the paperwork but I’ve got two ’56 Spiders and a ’57 Sprint as well as the legendary “Crab”. If you would like you could go through the collection sometime, some folks think it is cool. Used to be in the business of old French and Italian cars and still have too many around. My favorite is a 102 spider with a small block Ford mated to the Alfa 5 speed, it’s a kick and will reach a documented 136 mph, previous owner got a ticket. Need to get rid of a 115 berlina and numerous other bits of Italian art, Lancia, Moretti, Maserati, Benelli, Ducati, etc. I have an entire barn full, this is one of those real “barn finds”, really. I also own the Fulvia Dudley, another one of a kind, kinda in the vein of the “legendary Crab” it’s self. The Crab is a c/sr special built by John Cordell in the early ’60s that in Cordell’s words” hit the wall at every track in the country except Willow Springs and Riverside, cause the didn’t have any”. Yeah I know there was a wall at Riverside but he did manage to miss it. Cordell was quite the character, last I heard he was still racing Sprint cars out in the Pittsburg area. I have a couple of his old cars. All the SCCA race cars, Al, Phil , Chris etc from CA were based on the work done to develop the Crab. Don Black called it the mule for Alfa’s production racing in scca. It was last used at a club autocross about 10 years ago and all the class winners went out in it at the end of the day. Ken beat me on corrected time but only because I picked off a cone. A genuine historic race car. Sorry, I do tend to run on. If you would like to check things out let me know, lots of good stories…….

    • Rebecca,

      I am not the owner of the Puck, but will pass the info along. I’ll point the owner to your write up of the acquisition of yours.


  11. What on earth is an Eriba Puck ?????
    Hi Matt ! Good blog ! Shall list my (our ?) 61 spider in it shortly.

    • Graham, thanks for stopping by. Are you planning on working out a Spider sale with Jeff?

      Eriba Puck is a 1960’s aluminum German camper trailer in a minimalist style. Perfect compliment to your VW combi.


      • Hi Matt: My computer crashed and I lost my link to your site. Glad to be back on it again. I plan on selling my Julie in a year or two and will give Jeff first dibs on it at current market value (I shall check with you first on that). Meanwhile I plan on going on quite a few rides in it this summer to check that it can make that trip out to Denver safely and without problems….
        Let me know if you want to make a Julie jaunt.

  12. Great Job!!!! Please hold on as long as you can before you start allowing ads. BaT now looks like “Time Square” Don’t take there money.


  13. hello!
    Thank you for an interesting page! I learned alot about the Early Giuliettas. Now, I´m about to go look at a ´55 Giulietta. Probably a matching numbers car. It have been stored for 25 years and is, what I have heard, in a pretty decent shape. What is the walue of the car and how many ´55 are left today? Please reply. BR, Jacob

    • Jacob,
      To answer you questions about the 55 Giulietta I would need to know which model it is (I assume a Sprint?) and see some pictures. In general 55’s are scarce based purely on production numbers (~1400 each Sprints and Berlinas, a handfull of Spiders) and being Mille Miglia elligible, command a premium. How many are left? I could better answer that if more owners sent in their cars information. If I had to guess I would say 10 – 30% of production still exists, more likely on the low end of that.


      • Hello, yes its a Sprint. I found a picture which is quite identical:

        But the one Im about to look at also has a pair of the webers and intake + special motor mounts as the Veloce, with the car (but it isnt a Veloce, I think). BR Jacob

      • First Veloce’s didn’t show up until early 1956. If you had the VIN I could tell you for sure the year and whether or not it’s a Veloce. Upgrades of the sort you describe are common, and do add value to some people. It could even be a race car from the period with Veloce MODs. If you look at race programs from the 1950’s in Italy they just as often say “Sprint” as “Sprint Veloce” or anything else. Some of the SVZ’s were based on Normales that were injured while racing.


  14. Enjoy what I have read and seen on your website – lots of interesting tidbits on the Giulietta’s for us possessed Folk out here. Many many kudos to you for volunteering your time. I have been having an affair with my 61′ 1750 abnormally spider for a few years now and would like to add a sprint to keep her company. Your site should help me in that quest. Keep it up!

  15. Sir, Just found out about your web site yesterday. I have a 59 101 Spyder and find your site interesting to say the least. Have you any experience, first hand or otherwise, about converting drums to discs on a 101 using the Centerline adapter. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you

    • Nick,

      Thanks for stopping in. My 59 Sprint has the centerline adapter with Ate brakes. If you can get good used brake parts it can be economical. Is there a problem with your drums? You will have to replace the master cylinder with one of a smaller diameter -out of a Duetto will work- to get the right mechanical advantage. This wasn’t done in my Sprint (previous owner did the conversion) and it stops well enough but has no pedal feel and is not confidence inspiring. I have considered converting back to drums but it is one of those back-burner projects with my SS and all.


      • Matt, This may be a bit late , but thank you for your thoughts concerning adapting disc brakes to my 59 Giulietta Spyder. Very helpful. Think I’ll stay with the drums, which are basically OK to begin with.

  16. Thanks for all the good Alfa stuff. I am an owner of an all original late 1957 Giulietta Spider since April 1958 that gave me great pleasure driving it for almost 53 years. In April 28, 2010 I will celebrate 53 years withe my Giulietta. Che una bella macchina.

  17. hi again matt – disaster and any help pleeease! first, for you records i have giulietta ss 177468 as well as the gtc. chrome parts for ss sent to man who went bust and via subterfuge have carried out a raid and found all but one ‘gull wing’ shape front bumper part. have as usual made your site first call, and see you are also looking for bumper (fender) parts. any luck? where? ANY info would be extremely useful. i am seriously thinking of making them from steel chromed, though i also know people who would make them in stainless – what do you think
    keep well

  18. Hi Matt,
    Would you be able to offer any ideas as to how I can permantly locate the Rocker cover gasket on my 101 Spider. It receeds every few months at the front and covers the engine bay with iol. Should I glue it to the cover first?

    Great site, something new almost every day!

    Many thanks

    • Graham,

      Thanks for visiting the site. I have seen a discussion about this problem on the 750/101 yahoo group and the concensus seems to be that some small dowel locating pins would do the trick. I think the idea was you drill 2 small holes in the head or valve cover, install the pins then have them stick out from the surface enough that holes drilled in the gasket would key it to these pins. Search their archive on this. It was a recent discussion.


  19. Matt, every time I get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the job of restoring my Sprint, I read one of your blogs for encouragement. You have been amazingly gutsy in some of the projects you’ve chosen. Thanks!

  20. Hello and Good Morning. I just purchased the car I have lusted over for many years.
    1964 Giulia Sprint Speciale #AR381099
    Red w/black interior.
    Full tool kit, Jack
    Original Italian registration
    Owners manual
    Perfect paint.
    original enterior
    No leaks, not hits, no runs etc.
    I horp to connect with you soon,
    Good day to all

  21. Matt – just found this website today, and was surprised to see a partial listing for my car (1964 Spider #379676). Your entry shows Japan, which is indeed where I live, but the car is still garaged in Oregon.
    If you like you can add the EN (00112*15215) and I will send you photos if you tell me how.
    I plan to sell the car soon, after owning it for 34 years.


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  23. About the list of giulietta spider veloce,i must correct a big lie.The Giulietta type 750G AR1495 G*00311* it isn’t scraped as described,but in mint condition after 6 years of work restoration.Original engine AR1315*30715 buied from me in Massachussets,Manchester on 2005.Now in Roma.Car is visible on giulietta register site by Christofer Boles.
    About Giulia spider normale vin 377563,was restored when i was the owner and sold on 2008 in Montecarlo.
    About Giulia spider veloce 101.18,i’m the owner of 390217 and engine 00121*01617 buied in USA from Velez,Texas.Now in restoration since 3 years,near to be finished.
    About Giulietta sprint veloce 750E vin 01849 and engine 1315*30046,i’m always the actual owner.Car buied several years ago,totaly destroied,saved only the chassis,now under an hard restoration working since about 6 years and rebuilt as a SV lightweight not more an SVZ.I think again several time before it will be ready to come back on the road,cause the disperate search of many spares lost.
    These and others important giuliettas and giulia,including SS,SZ and ti super,all in my private collection.

  24. Ciao Matteo,please,let me know how i can do to send you some pictures to post on the site.
    Grazie for the reply and the interest,Luca.

  25. Have a 1957 Giulietta to restore Sadly someone else has already had a go at it. My customer had it acid striped & primed. I was wondering if there would be any one with either a restoration project or a finished one which i could measure take pictures to make sure i get all the joins correct(Im a bit fussy about that sort of thing)as this one has had bits cut out & bits badly welded in (guildford areaish)

  26. Dave, I don’t know where you are, or which model. I am in the Palm Springs area, and my 59 Sprint is out being blasted. Will be back here in 10 days. It is pretty much intact.

  27. Hello, I live in France and hown a Sprint 750B since 1 year. I read your blog with allot interest, and watch good pictures of original car.

    My lovely Giulietta n° 1493 09957 was made in 07/1959 and sold in France. It’s in red original paint, the body and the interior is original and untouched very good condition (the passenger seat and door panel are like new). I can send you some pictures to joint in your blog if you want. It could be a good support for many person who like to see the original configuration.

    Ciao ciao (good blog)

    • Hello Lolane,
      I am in france too and I own a 750b of 1958 …
      I would be interested in pics of the car to help put back the puzzle together …

  28. Hello, I live in Germany and after about 20-25 years brought a 101 Sprint Veloce back to live that I found near Los Angeles in the 80’s. I have two ID numbers on the Sprint, # 6520090 # and # ARE 159109 #, can you tell me what these numbers tell about the type and the year? It is pretty important for me to get this information for the registration progress here in Germany. Thanks

  29. Matt,
    I was curious as to why you don’t have or feature any spiders. Just brought my first Alfa, a 1969,1750 roundtail, in very nice condition, and now the understated elegance of the Giuliette spider has caught my attention. Started out with Porsches where coups are more desireable than cabrios because of the stiffer body. Is this true with Alfas? Also, what would be a price range for an upper end daily driver Giuliette?
    Earl in Los Angeles.

  30. Just found your website. I see you have my old spider listed. AR 390164, ’64 Giulia Veloce. I bought it new from Webb Motor in Berkeley CA in Nov ’64. they titled it as a ’65. Still have pictures and the original bill of sale. I sold it long ago, wonder where it is. I have it listed on Bowles? website. Since then I’ve owned 4 other Alfas, most recently a nice ’86 Quadrifoglio, (thats gone now too).

  31. very well done,,,,that work is well appreciated by one and all with interests in these cars…wanted to ask if you know of any ss 60-65 cars needing work kicking around….how much would an original metal hardtop worth, one needing restoration and one already restored be worth in todays market for giulietta spiders be worth in todays market,,also what about a set of original 40 dco3 carbs ?? thanks in advance for any information…can u contact me direct at topgear@sympatico.ca

  32. Matt,
    Nice to meet you yesterday. We moved one step forward but now expect two steps back with the motor. ( Piston to valve and head clearances seem perhaps too close. Ouch.) Thanks for the T-shirt; the design is terrific. When the motor is finished and back in the car, we will get some Sprints together.
    Enjoyed browsing your site very much. I will forward numbers etc for my Sprint.

    • Nice meeting you too. Visiting ‘the experts’ in Berkeley reminds me that these are cherished objects. I’ll drop your shirt by this evening



  34. just a question, how do you got the number of my car ? i am looking about the history of my car because i heard it has been used by Sophia Loren …. number 345456 sprint 1600; i live in south of france

    • Hi,

      I would be hard pressed to tell you where I found the number of your car. If it sold in the last 5 years, perhaps there. If you are on the AlfaBB and mentioned it, perhaps there. If you joined the 750/101 Yahoo group and published it there, perhaps there.

      Regarding history, it’s hard to put together what has been taken apart if no traces remain. John De Boer, who posts on the AlfaBB occasionally may have some info -I suggest asking there. Also, I have heard you can go to the agency in Italy that handles car registrations and have them give you the registration history of a car, but I believe you need the Italian license plate number.


  35. hi Matt
    just found your web site fantastic i am seventy years old and own a alfa sprint 101 model 10112 i have never driven it as i have been restoring it for 30 years yes i said 30 years also have 1969 alfa giulia 1300ti every day car done well over 200 000 miles i will send photos of both cars soon when i work out how to do it .i have only owned my computer for three months
    regards will farnell.

  36. 1960 Alfa Romeo Giuletta AR 1495 08359 Motor 1315 011500
    1960 Sprint 1493 21905 no motor parts carHaig Haleblian

    • Dave,

      Looks like a nice car. I had to do the same job but used a stud puller and a 10mm phenolic block I stole from a Giulia TI.

      Is it possible to do a frame off resto on a unibody car?


  37. Matt I am new to Alfas but would love a spider. There’s a ’63 normale at Continental Autosports in Hinsdale, Il asking 99K. Totally restored. I am thinking the ask is high but I just don’t know. Can you help? thx GARY Just reply back to me at gary@kach55.com

  38. Hello Matt, congratulations to your webside. It´s always interesting to read your articles about the subjekt “Giulietta”. I am owner of an early 750 D Giulietta Spider with the VIN: 104. In the moment the car is under restoration. In the moment I have a problem with the starter. the early models have a cable starter with a handle under the dashboard. What I do not know is the correct position of the handle. Is there anyone outside, who has a picture of it? It would be very kind, if anyone can help me. Please reply to me at RA.Brock@t-online.de

  39. Hi,
    Although I’m registered with your excellent site I’ve not received any Giulietta postings for at least a year?
    Is it poss to check-out why?
    Regards Graham Marchant UK

  40. Hi,

    Interesting register. Uncomplete of course.
    Why don’t you list the FUSI register, it includes all chassis number/ year.
    Or do you only register the ones currently alive ?

    Mine to add to your list :
    AR 167953 : Giulietta Spider Veloce (101.07), manufactured on the 16th November 1960 and sold on the 13th February 1961 in France.
    Still in France today.
    Is it currently under restoration but I was driving it for the last 17 years.

  41. Hello, I have a long story and currently working on the restoration of my late uncles 62 Giulietta that he bought in 1967. It has a 1315 motor in which i am sctaching my head. It has the older distributor(Pre 1962) and 10102 exhaust manifolds. I spoke with him alot regarding this car and he never replaced the motor though it could have happened in the 5 years before he bought it I guess. I posted picts and trim tag infomation shown below.
    Thank you!

  42. Dear Matt I saw Giulietta SS register updates on 2017 January. The N 177244-0120.01242 is now owned by myself and in Monaco, not more in France till 2015 September. Kind regards. Riccardo Carver

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