Show and tell: Spider 750D 00104 freshly restored

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00104. Oliver in Germany spent a great deal of effort restoring this car and recently had the opportunity to show it at the museum”Kunstpalast Düsseldorf”.  The exhibition is “PS Ich liebe dich” (PS I love you), a group of 28 famous cars out of the 1950s – 1970s. The show ends February 10th so I’m late to report this!

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A beautiful car!  Probably nicer than the day it was made.  VA is Varese I believe.  I see some serious cars in the background.

Scrolling through a slideshow of restoration pictures makes it seem like things just move along smoothly, stuff gets done, and a after a couple of checks written and decisions made, a nice car emerges.  As a restorer with only attempts made, rather than restorations finished, I can tell you, very much more goes into a restoration than a series of pictures can tell.  (Actually, I’ve finished many vintage audio restorations, but they are several orders of magnitude simpler than a vehicle).

The restoration team deserves praise for having gotten this car together and looking amazing, and the owner deserves praise for continually taking the high road and spending the extra dollar to ensure the results are as accurate as possible and perfectly executed.  With that in mind… Does anyone know the details of how the starter is connected on these early Spiders?  The actuating bracket is pictured below.

alfa_details_05.2017 003

I’ll post a follow up to this with details of the restoration (hint hint Oliver – send me an email), but for now thought I should just get this posted.

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2 thoughts on “Show and tell: Spider 750D 00104 freshly restored

  1. Beautiful restoration, I wonder why he chose to rather go with a split case transmission as it necessitated reworking the sheet metal of the transmission tunnel.

    The pull starter handle & cross shaft doesn’t bolt on with those 2 aluminium brackets, those are for the throttle shaft inside the engine bay, instead the pull starter shaft is held in position with sheet metal brackets welded up & under the dash. The curved handle sits above the driver’s right knee the the opposite end of the shaft sits against the heater box. A cable from this end goes through a special fitting on the firewall (unique to the early pull start cars) and directly to the pull switch on the starter solenoid.


    • Hi Greig,

      thank you very much for your reply and your explanation.

      Sorry, but with your discription of the pull starter handle & cross shaft you are wrong. The aluminium brackets are correct. Please look at the part manual at table 99 bis. There you can see the handle with the two brackets.

      Maybe anyone has a picture from under the dashboard.


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