Market 558: Sprint Veloce 750E 04159

Giulietta Sprint Veloce Alleggerita 750E 1493*04159, 1315*30598.  RM Sotheby’s will be auctioning this charming fellow at Monterey this year.  I can’t say much except wow.    I wonder when a Giulietta like this will break free of the “the last one sold for X, so this one should sell for X + 10%” thinking and sell for an unexpectedly large sum because two really rich guys just want it, value be damned.  Any of you want to mentor me in starting a business?  Being a Technical Program Manager in Semiconductor Capitol Equipment is just not cutting it if I can’t make a play for this.

front side

When I was in Italy I kept an eye on the sky just after sunset.  I can’t help but think that the Bertone palette was all about the evening sky.  I’d be afraid to drive a car this low in the back.  I like.

rear side

Body shut lines are fantastic.  These European delivery tail lights are neat.

steering wheel

Did these have the turned up shift lever?  I thought that was a Spider thing.

build plate

I wonder why someone scratched the build plate like this.  Engine was originally 30442, now 30598.  It was raced for a few years early in its life, so the original probably went bang.  Did I mention how nice the pictures of this car are?


1 thought on “Market 558: Sprint Veloce 750E 04159

  1. I know this car very well from it‘s Austrian racing time between ’58 and ’62 when owned by Mr. Steffan. It should come back but I doubt this will happen. The shift lever is correct as this was used in the SV Leightweight as well as in the Spider for better handling. Can also be seen in the Coupe des Alpes film by Shell from 1958

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