Market 557: “Guila” SS for the brave

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*38XXXX.  This car is on eBay right now.  It is among the worst maybe sort of still viable cars I’ve had the pleasure of writing about.  I saw this car in person maybe 8 years ago in southern California.  I have some pictures somewhere from then, but can’t seem to find them.  It is very rusty, and very crunched.  Come to think of it I sourced the hood for this car that you see on it and I a few other parts.  Netflix or Amazon should sponsor a show rebuilding a car in this condition. Anyhow.


Incomplete, rusty and crunched.  Any one of those three is a challenge.  Any two should give one pause, and three should cause one to run a four minute mile in the opposite direction forthwith.  At least it has its drivers side marker light.


I expect it would be difficult to achieve this level of busted up.  Lots of little bits if you’re restoring an incomplete SS.


Where is the cheap labor these days?  Was Poland and Portugal a few years back.  I would have stuck a rear tire on this if I was selling.


All the window surround trim is present – that’s something.

Seller says there is an engine on a pallet – check the number of course.  What fun.



5 thoughts on “Market 557: “Guila” SS for the brave

  1. This car is even worse than it looks which is no surprise. I was in contact with the previous owner and have seen some additional photos. There is no Veloce motor for one thing. Also NO floors which is not depicted. I’m surprised it hasn’t broken in half already. The whole car was sprayed red with rattle cans to hide the rust prior to its sale out of the LA area a few weeks before this listing. I made an offer for it as a parts car but the prior owner told me “internationl buyers” were flying in to inspect the car prior to export for a “full restoration”. But here it is on Ebay out of Texas. Same old song.

  2. I looked on EBay and it wasn’t listed. Sahme people are not honest about the condition. I woul dbe interested in the history for the SS register.

  3. Hi all, I am in the UK, I left a message a few weeks ago but no replies, could someone send a yes or something so I know my mail is being seen, I have a ‘shed find’ a working and complete rear light assembly from an old Sprite that may be of interest to a restorer out there.

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