Market 556: Sprint Normale 22352

Giulietta Sprint 10102 1493*22352.  This car is available now on eBay from longtime classic car dealer Gullwing Motor Cars out of Astoria New York.  It is a fine looking driver condition Sprint, with room for improvement – mainly little detailing jobs, especially in the engine compartment.  The description says it has a Sprint Veloce engine installed but the picture of the engine compartment shows a single down draft carburetor,  cast iron exhaust manifold and other normale spec items, so either the block is Veloce and the rest is not, the pictures are out of date, or they are confused.  Asking price is $56,500.  If it does have a Veloce engine installed, and includes the original as stated, this is probably a decent deal.


Good looking car.  It looks like a recent European import to me based on the front marker lights and the overall appearance.  Rims are Borrani – considered more desirable than Fergat rims.

Door fit is good and trims looks very nice at this resolution. Antenna in drivers side rear fender is unfortunate unless the new owner likes a sound system in their Giulietta.
It took me a minute to realize the windshield is out in this picture. Hood fit is good. Front trim looks as good as the back. It’s nice to have a front license plate bracket. I’d be interested in seeing the body restoration pictures.
I am as usual forced to wonder why someone would go through a lot of trouble and not just go original on the interior. I can understand the steering wheel change if the original was in bad shape. Of course, my Sprint has black carpet, blue seats and the rest is red, so who am I to judge.
This is somewhere on the spectrum between untidy and scruffy in this picture. It would not be a huge undertaking to detail the engine compartment, tackling little jobs over the course of a few months. In the grand scheme I’d much prefer to tackle an engine compartment than a paint job. Also, the description mentions a Veloce engine. I don’t see any sign of one here. Has anyone contacted the seller and gotten and further info?



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