Borgo Di Carpiano

The Borgo Di Carpiano is an Agriturismo inhabiting a restored castle/church/village in the hills between Gubbio, and Perugia.  There was only one room open for one night while we would be in the area, and it was a bit of a drive from Gubbio, but we decided the drive was worth the experience – especially considering you typically have to book a year or more in advance to stay.

The buildings were impeccably restored over seven years from a ruin, and every detail is perfect.  The owner Riccardo is a great car guy with a collection of Fiats.  We talked cars as best we could, and I learned that the Borgo is a destination for lot of car enthusiasts from the US and UK.  I am probably ruining my chances of being able to get another room, but then, you are probably going to go to Milan or Rome if you go to Italy, so we shall see.


Umbrian destinations all seem to be this evocative rough stone construction.  You really feel like you’re somewhere else when you’re here. I love the ancient Italian door.  I’ll be posting a big set of Italian door pictures when I get back.

IMG_1883 (2)

Umbria looks a lot like early summer Napa – Sonoma.  The greenery is amazing – lots of Figs, Lavender, Olive etc.  I can easily picture myself living in Italy.  I kept seeing, but didn’t get a picture of the huge yellow and orange bees the size of a big olive.

IMG_1891 (2)

Beautiful!  Can’t you see yourself sitting on those stairs sipping a nice local white wine?  Why not – life is brief.

IMG_1893 (2)

My first round bed.  Hit my head pretty good on that short doorway in the dark when Rufus couldn’t find the bathroom in the middle of the night.

IMG_1895 (2)

Hillside of family and Olives.



6 thoughts on “Borgo Di Carpiano

      • Plan on eating dinner at the Borgo – they really do it up nice. Three courses between aperitif and dessert. Fantastic service of course!


  1. Borgo is an absolute gem and you won’t find lovelier people than Riccardo and Marilisa. When my Giulietta is finished I promised to take it there!

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