Giuliettas In Gubbio Italy

We drove from San Sebastiano Curone to Gubbio yesterday – lot of driving, but worth the effort. Gubbio is a very old city in Umbria, it evokes a heavy sense of life and history I am not used to. A feeling of the small cycles, days, moons, seasons, lives, centuries, civilizations contained in many many many years, and what can be achieved by generations of hands altering the land. That clock still runs, sons and daughters take the places of mothers and fathers, over and over until whatever end if any there will ever be.

Not a lot of old cars on the streets of Italy, perhaps the message got around that they ought to be preserved indoors, out of the elements. What I have seen are well cared for drivers.  I’ll post some here and… I am now, after years of probably stupid reluctance on Instagram.  There is probably a link I can embed, but I haven’t figured it out.  Search giuliettasdotcom and ask to follow!

Rufus thought this Citroen H van espresso bar was neat.  Only really good coffee I got in Annecy.  Not that the other cups were bad just nothing exceptional.


This DAF was parked in front of Coffee and Vinyl, a shop in Annecy with used records, vintage stereos and unfortunately no hot chocolate.


This is our apartment in Gubbio – I don’t know how old, but OLD.  Surprisingly affordable to buy an apartment like this.

IMG_1808 (1)

Rufus said “Hey, you’ve got one of these in the garage.”  Yep, but a 1953 wreck, not a nice one.


Sickle moon and bell tower.

IMG_1840 (1)

Umbria from funicular.


6 thoughts on “Giuliettas In Gubbio Italy

  1. Great photos. We’ll be there in a few months, but likely in Venice, so zero opportunities for Giulietta spotting. Gubbio, and all of Umbria, is exceptionally beautiful. I hope you are eating way too much. Let’s hang out when you get back.

    • I’ve been to Venice a few times and found an app (Apple only possibly) that greatly improved my eating experience. EATITALY, also EATVENICE. Elizabeth Minchilli is a food writer who has lived in Italy for 25+ years.

  2. Most small cities have a City Archivist. My house is near Todi and in the library in Todi is where the archivist is. We saw him once and he had a plethora of information about our house. If you have any problem finding relatives, I would suggest seeing the archivist.

    There are two types of Gelato, one is mixed from packages, pretty good. There is also ‘artiginale’ which is made by hand and custom mixed. More care with ingredients, only slightly more expensive. Well worth it. Look for the signs in the shops. In the afternoons a glass of prosecco is sometimes good with the gelato.

    In the mornings in the bars/cafes men having their espressos sometimes have a ‘correcto’ in which a dash of a liqueur, or grappa, is added. I’ve done that when I needed a second ‘cafe macchiato’.

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