Long time no post!

Hey all!  It’s been a while since I posted anything here, and looking at the traffic, it appears that some of you occasionally stop by anyway.  I did a little work on my Sprint two weeks ago, replacing a lower radiator hose that was cut by a poorly positioned steering joint cotter pin leg, and installed a new plug wire set after a rodent made a nest in my engine compartment and ate two of the wires.  Fortunately, I caught the nest a few days into construction, so no real harm was done, but I did lose a little sleep thinking about how it would have gone had I not popped the hood on a whim.  Would have been two months worth of nest which would have been ugly!


This is in the barn at the house I bought with a partner in Calaveras County near Murphys California.  One of you lives up there – I saw a white Giulietta Spider on the road a couple of months ago while in town.

I’m going to Italy next month – maybe I’ll see a few of you on the road!


12 thoughts on “Long time no post!

  1. Happy to notice you are still out there and alive Matt. What has happened since last post on the Glas GT? (yes I am curious about that little heritage gem too)

    • I sold the Glas on to Germany a while back. I know where there is another one, but I have sworn off project cars for a while. My current goal is to find a way to live in Europe for a few years to give Rufus an international perspective.

  2. Nice to see you posting again, hope there is more to come! Just came back from a week on the island of Sardinia and only saw one 67 -69 GTV and a couple of older fiat 500’s.

  3. Thanks you all – I have been planning to post more, hopefully I can do it. Alfa prices seem to have changed a bit since I was last paying much attention! Part of my trip is to Gubbio where my wife’s fathers family is from – maybe I’ll find an early GT – or she will find a reason to stay.

  4. Matt, welcome back to the world. Have sold my Spider Veloce in CA so have nothing in the US anymore however still have all the Alfas in London. Good to hear from you.


  5. Hi Matt,
    still working on my 1961 Giulietta in Dubai , slowly but surely, most body and mechanical works are done trying to put the interior back in.

  6. Hello again Matt! missed the Giulietta blog!
    Your stuff is still in my Attic! Glad to see the Italian family trip. Im still in my shop….My Giulietta SV is running events still! See you sometime..
    Laurence Anderson

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