Market 554: Timewarp 1961 Spider

Giulietta Spider 1961.  This Spider is available out of Belgium from Marreyt Classics – thanks Eddy for bringing it to my attention.  The story goes it was placed in a barn in Tuscany with about 22,000 kilometer on the odometer.  Based on the condition I would guess it was a climate controlled barn protected from rodents by a line of fierce vigilant house cats. I have seen some low miles original Giuliettas in my travels, but there is usually a caveat to originality, such as a repaint in original color, some engine tuning or the like – not so with this car.  It is claimed to be not just all 100% original with (I hope) the exception of standard consumables like tires and fluids, but in as-new original condition.



It looks every bit like a restored Spider except that the doors and all fit a little better than usual.  


Big license plate mount!  I prefer the below the bumper approach.  I wonder what 50 years of sitting does to shocks?


Great dash.  Rearview is nice and clear, with none of the usual delaminating and tarnish around the edges.  I’d love to see this in person.


Just wow.  Would be hard to replicate this.  Look at how clean the door jambs are.  I would like to take hundreds of pictures of this for posterity sake.


Amazing here too.  I’ve never seen this sort of ignition wires.  Look nice.  Some blanket ware on the air filter canister top.


These hub cap centers always yellow a bit.  Decals look better with 50 years of aging.


Interesting to see how they glued the rubber gaskets.  Neat decal here.


It is surprising how many cars I’ve seen with the break in decal intact.  Note it is for a “GIULIETTA SPRINT”.


Everybody loves a good coating of dust!



3 thoughts on “Market 554: Timewarp 1961 Spider

  1. As with every one who is connected with this site, I never tire of seeing something as beautiful recovered and used again. After all these things pass from one person to another, we are just custodians for a time. Keep up the good work…maybe someday before I die I will be such a custodian.

  2. About 5-6 years ago there was a similar Spider that was featured in Sports and Exotic cars. he later tried to sell it for 70K. Deal fell through. I think it sold for something south of that.

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