Market 506: Ex- Swig Sprint 1600 10112 352835

Update December 30, 2016: This car is on the move again, listed out of Los Angeles on eBay.  It even references the previous log post here!  Good looking car.


Great color on a great car.  Is that tire a little low?

Update September 22, 2015: Sold for full Buy it Now asking.


Giulia Sprint 1600 10112*352835.  This Sprint is available on eBay right now in what appears to be Crayola Midnight / Bosphoro Blue.  Buy it now for a hair under $50K.  Not bad if you like the finish.  The seller says it was originally a California Black Plate car that came from Martin Swig in the early 2000’s.  Martin didn’t mess around with crappy cars -at least not that I observed in the years I knew him; and tended to use the big name mechanics in my area, so you can bet this is a good solid car.  Also of note, reader Aaron has the sister car to this: Sprint 1600 352834, a California Black Plate car that, although now in Texas, was a long time San Francisco Bay Area resident.


So blue it looks black.  I like it when a seller bothers to frame a good picture.  If my Sprint looked this nice I’d be ecstatic.


New owner needs to round up some correct over-center intake hose clamps.  


I’m just not a fan of the big chrome plate holder on these.  Euro amber lenses -repro’s?


This looks like an interior that was redone in Italy.  Cloth inserts are practical -especially in warn climates.  I haven’t seen enough of these to know what would be original, somehow I doubt this is, though the color combo seems right, I seem to remember someone telling me this series of Sprint only had black interiors.  Anyone?


Nice steering wheel and gauges.  You can get stellar repro inserts now, so if the yellow bugs you, it’s easily fixed.


Positive ID on the body.


You have to have a look under it – it’s an Alfa after all.


No junk in the trunk on this one.  I think these are from the current crop of repro lenses.  This reminds me I need to call up Alfastop and get a trunk prop and sprint.

From the auction: “The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint and the Giulia that succeeded it are one of the most popular and collectible Alfas on the market. The 2+2 bodywork designed and built by Bertone is seductively beautiful.  The first iteration of the Sprint had a four-speed transmission and column shift; from 1958 that changed to a more modern five speed gearbox and a floor shifter. The Sprint version, with its fastback styling, is a wonderful, long distance touring car with generous interior space for luggage. Approximately 7,100 were produced from ’62 to ’64, roughly 2,000 fewer cars than its roadster stablemate. Therefore the Giulia Sprint is somewhat more difficult to find today in good condition and are prized by Alfisti the world over.

We are fortunate to offer a solid, 1962 Giulia Sprint Normale with known history and under the care of a serious Alfa enthusiast for 7 years. Some of the paperwork that survives indicates that it may be, in fact, a black plate California car in the early years. We know this because the current owner has possession of the CA black plate. Oral history (and maybe some documentation) tells us it was owned by an Australian man in California. Allegedly the Alfa participated in the California Mille and perhaps even the Australian Mille. California Mille founder and dealer, Martin Swig, sold the Sprint in 2002 to an enthusiast in Upstate New York. The previous owner, a VSCCA member, purchased the Alfa from him 7 years ago and kept it until a week ago when we acquired it.

Before coming east, it was treated to a restoration to a fairly high driver standard. Mechanically, it remains in fine running order and the odometer reads 56,000 miles. The dark blue exterior paint looks good however close inspection will reveal a few flaws that appear to be cracks in the finish. The interior looks as it should with proper materials used throughout. The Sprint has the correct 104hp, 1570 cc, single Solex carburetor motor. This is a delightful car to drive and ideal for tours and rallies. If you are new to Alfas, this one is for you. If you have Alfa experience, this is one of the good ones.”


7 thoughts on “Market 506: Ex- Swig Sprint 1600 10112 352835

  1. The car was owned by Max Hobson, the organizer of the 1000 Miglia Melbourne-Australia. He kept the car under Martin Swig’s care and used it for the Monterey week and in the California Mille. When I bought it from Mr. Swig it sported the roundels from the California Mille. It is a terrific Sprint and a joy to drive.

      • Hi Matt,

        Thanks for your reply. The reason for my question was, that a guy named Daniel “lacated as oldtimer import dealer and trader in Spain” 😂, offered the car here in Germany for € 12,000 ( incl. tax (the car arrives in two weeks at Spain)😂. After several investigations, I found the same car with the same pictures in the Ebay – auction in the USA… After he as asked for a down payment, I sent him the Ebay offer of the Giulia, asking for additional bargains – no reply so far… 😂😉

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