Market 553: This Spider 01381 raced SCCA F production with Shankle sponsorship

Giulieta Spider 750D 1495*01381.  Available today on eBay, still wearing signature period paint, is the Shankle sponsored Blizzard Performance Production F Giulietta Spider.  It raced SCCA F Production back in the day when it was a grassroots professional thing that you had to attend to see races, and “regular guys” could set up and race.  Seriously race.  I can’t say what the demand for a car like this is.  Since I have kept this blog I have seen a few sell for way less than I thought they ought, and a few sell for way more.  I guess supply and demand forces of the market will let us know.


I feel like I’ve seen these period pictures before.  That’s a serious attachment to the nose – I wonder if it worked?  Neat old pick up back there too.


The past looked different.  How much have we changed? 


Period sighting of Data ’70 font on that Trick sticker.  Wheel wells have been modified slightly to accommodate the yuge tires seen in the period pictures above.


The old electrical tape wrap job on the steering wheel.  Gauges are all business.  Nice little aerodynamic cover on the rear view.


More artifacts from the 1970’s race scene.  Remote oil filer is a nice touch.


There are a lot of pictures of the suspension set up.  This set up pictured above is all designed to keep the rear axle where it’s supposed to be.  Note drilled brake backing plates.


Some random stuff – one would want to know the number on that block.

From the auction:  “Here is a very special piece of Alfa Romeo racing history of the 1970’s. This car is a time capsule and has not been seen by the general public since the mid 1980’s. The 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider AR 1495.01381 of Blizzard Performance Automotive.

This is a historically significant SCCA F Production race car with a special provenance and well documented racing history that was successful in period in SCCA National and Regional entered events. This car is very well known by SCCA racers and Alfa fans alike in period. This Alfa Romeo racing treasure was raced and entered by Blizzard Performance Automotive in period and sponsored by Alfa Romeo racign engine prep and tuner Shankle. The car is in it’s original 1970’s SCCA racing livery with it’s period racing paint from the 70’s, virtually un-touched with all it’s patina from it’s last race. This car is a real time capsule from Alfa Romeo SCCA racing history. This car entered, podiumed and won many regional and national SCCA races in period. The car won the both the 1976 and 1978 SCCA Regional Championship Race for F-Production(FP) at Riverside International Raceway.

This car is the matching sister team car to the Dick Blizzard Giulietta Spider that won the SCCA National Road Racing Championship in FP in 1976, sponsored by Shankle. This car is the sole survivor of the two as the other car was destroyed. The car has it’s original racing rollbar and original SCCA number stamped and recorded by the SCCA CalClub of the Southern Pacific Division in period, circa 1970’s.

The car is incredibly light and has many trick period racing components still on the car as it originally raced with from the 70’s and 80’s. We believe this car was a race car for the vast majority of it’s life (early 1960’s-early 1980’s) a huge time span for a car to be a successful, competitive race car. Car comes with a known history and pictures of it racing in period as well as scans of racing publications the car was in such as: ( ‘Finish Line’ Official Publication of the California Sports Car Club).

Racing parts on the car. The car has most all of it’s original 70’s special parts it raced with in period.

  • ·      Fiberglass racing bucket drivers seat.
  • ·      Trick aluminum suspension, and racing springs and shocks.
  • ·      Custom sway bars and aluminum mounts.
  • ·      Custom circa 70’s racing brake modifications.
  • ·      Stainless steel braided brake lines.
  • ·      Custom racing oil pan upper and lower sump with oil scavenging protection.
  • ·      All circa 70’s racing dash gauges the car raced with in period, etc.
  • ·      Fuel Cell circa 70’s
  • –   Racing Accusump
  •     Racing battery box and exterior racing battery jump with external hookups at rear of car.
  •     Racing oil cooler and lines.
  •     Period Personal racing steering wheel

The car does have some drivers side damage where the headlight and front fender is that will need to be repaired. There are various other areas of the cars body that needs attention but overall very good for a special race car that has sat since the early 80’s. The car is in need of restoration. Due to the car’s paint, body and decals we would hope that work would be carried out to keep the cars original racing patina as it was in period and still as it is today. We would hope the new owner would keep as much of it original and as is as possible and race with it looking as original as it did in period! All original racing parts currently on car and those that come with the car should be carefully looked at and restored (a list of parts that come with the car are listed below). What is also very special is that this well known race car will be eligible for all the BIG prestigious vintage racing events in the US with it’s significant period racing history and well known livery. In addition the car will be highly competitive in it’s class.

This cars sister car as mentioned above was a giant killer and beat the Triumph Spitfires and British Leyland’s in period in 1975 and 1976. Car is a time capsule. It still has it’s trick aluminum suspension and many other special race parts it raced with in period.

Known details about this car.

  • Very early and rare 1957 Giulietta Spider. The car was manufactured on Feb. 15th 1957 and sold new in Rome, Italy as verified with a letter by Alfa Romeo Storico Mueseo.
  • The car has the same livery and paint as it was when it raced in the 70’s and early 80’s. It is untouched from that period.
  • It was told to me that the early race history of the car was that it raced in the early 60’s in Southern California with The California Sports Car (CSCC) group (prior to 1964 before the merger of CSCC and the SCCA) at tracks in Glendora, Pomona and Riverside by Dennis McGrew before there was a strong SCCA contingency.
  • The car was then purchased by Robert (Bob) Green, teammate to Richard Blizzard. These two entered and raced the cars at National SCCA events at: Riverside, Portland, Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Ft. Sumner, Bonneville, Hopeville, Phoenix, Willow Springs, Carlsbad. There home SCCA club was Cal Club in the Southern Pacific SCCA region. The car was entered in some National and Regional events from (70″-81″) by Robert (Bob) Greene and later raced by Kathy and David Rice (81″-85″).
  • Original number stamped SCCA rollbar is in the car, stamped by SCCA CalClub in period. Info verified with CalClub and documented by CalClub in our records..
  • The car was incredibly quick, light and highly competitive in period . I was told it held a FP track record at Willow Springs in the 1:35s low 1:36’s in period.
  • The car ran a documented 1:23:77 at Laguna Seca Raceway (LSR) on June 2, 1974. We have pictures of the car gong down the down the corkscrew ahead of the well known Alfa Romeo GTV John Norman. (See picture).
  • Car and drivers were sponsored by Shankle in period.
  • SCCA tech sticker still attached to the car’s original rollbar. We believe it was the cars last entered race a SCCA Regional held on 8/12/1985 as documented on the rollbar tech sticker.
  • We believe the car won a national race in 1982 as the original SCCA winning event sticker that is on the cars cowl.

Partial race entries where I have pictures of entry’s, time sheets and/or SCCA Club Newsletters:


  • June 2, 1974 – SCCA Regional Race, San Francisco Region. at Laguna Seca Raceway (LSR). Car entered as #61 in F-Production (FP) entered by Bob Greene. Fastest lap of 1:23:77. That time was good for a top 3 out of a 21 car field in F&G Production. Source: Entry/Time sheet from event.
  • October 5-6, 1974 – SCCA CC Regional Race at Willow Springs International Raceway. Car #61 2nd in Class in F-Production (FP).  Source: Finish Line News Letter, November 1974. (Official Publication of the California Sports Car Club).
  • May 1975 SCCA CC Regional Race at Willow Springs International Raceway. Car #61 3rd  in Class in F-Production (FP).  Source: Finish Line News Letter, May 1975. (Official Publication of the California Sports Car Club).
  • June 27, 1976 – SCCA Northern Division Pacific Championship Races, SF Region at Laguna Seca. Car entered as #61 in F-Production (FP) entered by Bob Greene (CC/Cal Club). Source: Entry List/Official Race results.
  • August 21-22 1976 – SCCA Regional Championship Road Races at Sears Point Raceway, Sonoma, CA. Car is listed as CC (Cal Club) #61 entered in F-Production (FP) entered by Robert Greene. Source: Entry List.
  • August 29, 1976 – SCCA Regional Championship Races, SF Region at Riverside International Raceway; 1st in Class in F-Production (FP).Source: Finish Line News Letter, September 1976. (Official Publication of the California Sports Car Club).
  • October 2 & 3 1976- SCCA CC Regional Race at Willow Springs International Raceway  2nd in Class in F-Production (FP) entered by Bob Greene (CC/Cal Club). Source: Finish Line newsletter November 1976.
    • Picture of this car #61 in period at Laguna Seca (down the corkscrew).
    • One of the Alfa GTV’s in back of it is and was a very successful Trans-Am car. You can see how fast this Giulietta was in period while ahead of much more powerful cars in period.
  • May 29, 1978 SCCA Regional Championship Races at Riverside International Raceway; 1st in Class in F-Production (FP). Source: Finish Line News Letter, May/June 1978. (Official Publication of the California Sports Car Club).
  • June, 1978 SCCA Super Nationals Regional Championship Races at Riverside International Raceway; 3rd  in Class in F-Production (FP).Source: Finish Line News Letter, June 1978. (Official Publication of the California Sports Car Club).
  • The car has a 1982 National Winner sticker on it’s windscreen. We believe the car had a single SCCA win at a National race in 1982.


Loose parts that come with the car:

  • Cars original 70’s aluminum airbox.
  • Cars additional racing trunk.
  • Cars original racing exhaust manifold
  •  Veloce Spider exhaust manifold
  • 6 of it’s original magnesium racing wheels and 4 Goodyear Slicks from period.
  • 4 OEM Giulietta wheels currently on car.
  • 1300 block
  • Extra drum brake with original hub mount.
  • Racing oil dump with slosh control.
  • Driveshaft
  • Radiator
  • Various other parts.

The car is currently owned by a long time Alfa Romeo collector with a significant Alfa Romeo collection. We had intended to get the car back out on the track at the Rolex Montery Motorsports Reunion, Sonoma Historic’s, SVRA Historic Championships, etc and for it to shine in glory again as it did in years past! Truly a one of a kind piece of Alfa Romeo history in the USA.

Please feel free to message me any and any and all questions that you may have.

As seller I reserve the right to end the auction early.




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