Market 552: 1980’s Time warp Spider Veloce 1600 390342

Giulia Spider Veloce 1600 10118*390342, 00121*02224.  This Southern California Spider (since 1989 anyway – who knows is chequered past from whence college prior?) is available from Chequered Flag on ebay with a $71,500 instant gratification price, and a $40,000 reserve not met starting point.  It presents very well in the manner of a car that saw use as stylish transport in ages past, without much regard to recent phenomena of collect-ability or value – it probably changed hands in 1989 for a few thousand dollars.  The seller is spot on when they say it is owed a serious restoration -at least paint and some corrections, but it remains to be seen if the selling price is such that that restoration makes financial sense.  Cheque it out!


Looks great.  Borrani wheels, Talbot style mirror, straight nose ridge – what’s not to like?  


Can you imagine if this model survived to the rubber bumper era?  If I was good at photoshop I’d add some 1979 MGB bumpers to it to spoil everyone’s breakfast.   Panel fit is great here.


You can always tell a car that has been untouched for 30 years like this by the cassette deck – I bet a warped sounding cassette played loud UB40 when they turned the key on the first time.  I’m not sure why anyone would opt for light gray seats, but hey – it used to be a free country.  I like the steering wheel.


They dropped the F when Veloce’s got their own number series.


Can be improved, but doesn’t really need much.  There are some eagle eyed readers who always comment on the originality of the 1600 Veloce heads – I’m still not exactly sure what to look for.  Note an original decal on the brake fluid reservoir. 




What’s a little over-spray between friends?  I guess you would carefully wire brush the over-spray off the original undercoating.

Full description: “Chequered Flag International is pleased to offer this 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce Spider in Red with Grey interior. I think it was originally Light Grey with Red interior. Car number 101-18 833, Engine number AR00121*02224*, Gearbox 100100-13100, Diff 708. Good rust free body. Great panel fit. Decent driver quality paint but this car is screaming out for a high quality restoration as it’s a high integrity car. Owned for around 35 years by last owner who brought it with him from college to LA in 1988 and after driving it for a few years left it in his garage unused for 20 years. We’ve done a fluid flush, full braking system overhaul, new oil and filter, etc and it runs and drives nicely. This is a rare last year 5 speed, disc brake, 1600 cc Veloce. The engine number appears to be correct but the Alfa reference library is closed for three months so up to buyer to verify. Priced to sell. Inspections encouraged.”


3 thoughts on “Market 552: 1980’s Time warp Spider Veloce 1600 390342

  1. I agree with Chris about the valve & air box covers. Also it is not a ’66. I have AR 390657 and “Centro Documentazione” says that it was manufactured on the 4th June 1965 and sold the 22nd October 1965

  2. It is not uncommon for Alfa’s in the states to be titled a year or even two after their manufacture date – this seems to be especially true for late production Giuliettas.

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