Market 549: SZ 00072 – project auctioned in France

Update November 16, 2016: The process of democratic capitalism has spoken – this car sold for 288,000 Euros; $307, 414 Trump Box at time of writing.  Occasional correspondent Stuart shares this insight: “From bitter experience I can tell you that to restore an SZ properly you have to de-clench all the aluminium panels as there is electrolytic action between the unprotected steel tubing and the skin of the car. Leaving original panels in place is not really an option. And that is only the start!

How much all this costs is anyone’s guess but it will be a significant sum….the real question is will it come close the value put on an SZ by FJ?”

I know some collectors who have salaried staff maintaining and restoring (how do I get that gig??) their investments, maybe the cost is simply a craftsman’s wages for a year.

November 10, 2016: Giulietta Sprint Zagato (SZ) 10126*00072.  Contrasting considerably with market 548 (and estimated to be considerably less expensive) is this project SZ that was auctioned in France by Aguttes on November 5, 2016.  I hunted around for a result, but have yet to find one.  Anyone here catch it?

The car has an interesting early history, but has spent most of it’s life waiting for recovery from a wreck in 1968.  An SZ in project form is a rarity these days, most having been sniffed out by clever car hunters.  Taking on the task of seeing an SZ project through to completion is not for everyone – there are parts needed that simply must be produced from scratch – that might as well be made out of gold.


Not your average grocery-getter.  I’m curious to see the other side of the nose where repairs were made.  If the nose was wrecked, where did the trim seen here come from?  Wasn’t there a car found in Caracas and listed on ebay out of Los Angeles a decade ago that looked like this?


It’s all about the body on these cars – there being very little to them otherwise besides controls and drive-train.  Wheels are an odd mix, fronts are Fergat steel and rears are Campagnolo period alloy.  Hopefully there are four of the latter included.


Lot’s missing here.  I wonder if these seat covers hide the original seats?  I am forced to guess no since there would be a buttress angled across the side nearest in the picture.  Gear shift lever doesn’t have a reverse lock out.  Would an SZ have had this?  I know changing to the later type is not uncommon, the lock out mechanisms tending to rattle when they age.  You usually also see a big chronometric tachometer in SZ’s.

From the catalog: “The interest of this rare Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Zagato lies in its recorded history, which is complete, clear and without any areas of doubt. It was sold new in Algiers by the ADAR company before being exported to France in 1962 by a private enthusiast living near Béziers. In 1965, the car was bought by Mr Gayraud, the Alfa Romeo concessionnaire in Béziers and he drove it in a number of rallies. Records show that the Gayraud-Martin team entered it in 1968 for the Critérium des Cévennes. It appears in photos of that rally, fitted with small wheel arch extensions, four additional lights and a side exhaust coming out ahead of the left-hand rear wheel. The car suffered accident damage during this event and was not driveable. Still in an unrepaired state it was first sold in about 1975 to Mr. Debien, the Alfa Romeo concessionnaire in Carcassonne, then in 1977 to a Mr Bonhomme living in Pau. In 1985, still unrepaired, it passed into the hands of Francis Fabulet, founder of the Alfa Romeo club and then went to his co-driver, Jean-René Pierre. In 2004 the current owner, a prominent member of the Club Alfa Romeo Classic, acquired the car to add it to his very large collection of Alfas. He started restoring it three years ago. All the original major mechanical components (engine, gearbox and rear axle) remain in the car, which still bears its old registration, “196 KP34” painted directly onto the bodywork. Restoration work has included the replacement of the floor, sills and side members and the front end has been put back into shape with scrupulous concern for originality. It must be emphasized that great care has been taken to keep all the original aluminium body skin. Only the bonnet could not be saved and was replaced. The Giulietta SZ is a particularly interesting model, as it has the highest performance of all the cars derived from the Giulietta range. This model was born from a somewhat haphazard train of events. Dore Leto di Priolo, a private racing driver, went off the road in his Sprint Veloce during the 1956 Mille Miglia. Zagato, to whom he gave the car with instructions to improve the performance, reduced the weight by 135 kg and designed a more aerodynamic body. These characteristics enabled the car to beat all the Sprint Veloces in compétition and led several private entrants to order from Zagato identical models now known as the Giulietta SVZ. An agreement concluded between Alfa Romeo and Zagato led to the production in 1959 of the Sprint Zagato, lighter and more highly developed than the SVZ. Specifically designed for racing, this is the rarest of the Giuliettas, with a production run of barely more than 200 cars. The opportunity of finding a genuine and undisputed Giulietta SZ does not come along often and this is what we are offering today. Once the restoration has been completed, this car will be eligible for all the most important events in the calendar for historic racers.”

//I have to interject here that the software I use to do these posts really fought me trying to add anything after the block quote above.


This looks really good back here.  Not sure why the back of the car would get so disassembled to repair the front of the car.  


This thing has a later head on it and normale valve cover bolts.  The right intake manifold though.


Cool wheel.  These tend to need work to be made roadworthy.


Cute little door handle.


The number.

I really want to see the included parts to form a more rounded view of the car.


2 thoughts on “Market 549: SZ 00072 – project auctioned in France

  1. Hello Matt, good to see that you posted my info and recommendation on this stunning SZ. It sold for € 288.000,- plus premium and tax. It’s cheaper to buy in Europe…

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