Market 551: Tidy early Spider 01594

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*01594, 1315*41667.  This lovely example is available now on eBay out of Illinois.  These very early 750D’s are about as blue chip as a classic gets – they are mechanically simple, surprisingly fast, and can be quite reliable.  As the description points out, this is a largely original example, without the usual “upgrades” such as a split case 5 speed, or disk brakes.  As these cars continue to be discovered by collectors, originality to spec will hold more value.


If you showed me this picture and said it was 40 years old I’d believe you except maybe it would have a bit of a sepia tone to it.  Node looks really well balanced and straight – hard to achieve on a car that has seen any work.


Phenomenal shut lines.  Even a perfectionist would leave this alone.  I wonder if that license plate number has any significance?


Tidy and as it ought to be.  Once could do a little work to bling it out a bit… or not.  I really want an early Spider before they get expensive like the early Sprints have.


Original build plate with the numbers.


More numbers.  That bright thing in the foreground is the dip stick.


I like the open glove box of the early cars.  Carpets are new, as are the mats.


You almost never see original gauges in a Spider this nice – must’ve spent a lot of time in a garage without windows.


Clean enough to put nice clothes back here.  That bumper light used to be really hard to find.  I haven’t looked for one in a long time – maybe it still is.

Remember when you could get a nice Sprint early Sprint 750B for $30,000?  Those are $80K + now.  Someone is going to look back on this car and think – jeez, I should have bought that, they are $110K now.


4 thoughts on “Market 551: Tidy early Spider 01594

  1. Looked at this car a while back in Atlanta. Magnet didn’t like on rocker panel. Older rebuild and repaint. Guy had a ton of spares too. Present vendor has done a nice detail. This was on BAT as a no sale.

  2. Somer, I heard the same thing in regards of the many extra parts not to mention a very nice 58 750 Veloce engine with all the right pieces. Maybe next time, instead of bringing the magnet you bring the checkbook. 🍇🍇🍇 just hate when the grapes are sour. 😜

    • Nothing sour, just my observations. And as I stated nice detail job. I always take a magnet. Tin worm isn’t your friend on any car. Good luck.

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