Market 550: SZ 00102 – another fine specimen

Giulietta Sprint Zagato (SZ) 10126*00102, 00120.  Paul Russell and Company (thanks for pointing them out Frank) have on offer the George Fogg III delivered SZ, one of only 6 delivered new to US based customers.  Provenance is extensive as one would expect, but that can probably be said of pretty much all SZ’s – even the fakes!  I say this not to diminish the history and individuality of a car like this, but SZ’s are like presidents – even those of lesser accomplishment have stories to tell.  Price is $495,000 (about $275 per pound), soberly reasonable compared to the other three I’ve had the honor of mentioning this month.  Four SZ’s is just under 2% of SZ production.  Have I mentioned all four are red?


I see a lot of Miata’s and the like with the yellow tow hook and arrow.  It’s cool because of cars like this.  Headlight rims are aluminum along with most of the rest of the car.  I bet Zagato weighed tires before settling on a set.  


If I had this car I’d sleep in the garage next to it (sorry honey), but unfortunately I’m a 21st century, hard working, well educated middle class American poor dude, who 40 years ago could afford something like this and park it next to the mower.  These days I’m skipping morning coffee at my local cafe hoping I can save for retirement.  Are those Hoosier tires?  10.  Fogg was apparently a Bo Derek fan – or was Blake Edwards an SCCA fan?  


It’s really tight in here.  I like that despite being raced it still has the stock air supply system.  Well done.  These are not original valve cover bolts either.  I guess the original Veloce ones are not up to the job maybe based on how often they are replaced.


That steering wheel looks gigantic!  SZ’s had the wash bag on the passenger side?  I’m surprised Zagato bothered with the “passenger” concept.  


Nice clean gauges.  I wonder what the red jewel light is hooked up to – a heart rate monitor perhaps?


Famous original owner adds random hardware to controls = provenance; I do it = stuff to fix.  Not sure what was deleted.  Anyone?  I like the fire grenade.


What’s that jack?  Looks good in here.  

If provenance and a ready to go car are SZ priorities for you, this is probably your best bet of those on offer right now.


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