Market 548: SZ 00113 – exceptional

Giulietta Sprint Zagato (SZ) 10126*00113, 00120*00633 completed January 26, 1961.  $775,000 delivered to the fine folks at Fantasy Junction will buy you this fully restored, ready for the morning commute SZ.  It has more than the usual SZ provenance, coming from the collection of the late Martin Swig who used it as it was intended to be used, and took very good care of it, while originally shipping to Libero Liberati, one of Italy’s most famous drivers (and a national hero) in the late 1950’s – early 1960’s.


Nice seaside overcast shot of a lovely car.  Zagato rewrote a masterpiece almost entirely and yet managed to pay perfect homage to the original while producing a masterpiece of it’s own.  Imagine if they had made 200,000 of these instead of about 160.


These are small lightweight cars – 1700 pounds is about average.  The back end trails off abruptly not far beyond the axle.  I think I’ve seen this car at Sears point a few times over the years, with various members of the Swig family behind the wheel.


Maybe the ultimate expression of a child’s sketch of a race car – your basic bar-of-soap envelope realized in hand formed aluminum.  


A repro build plate?


A simple, no nonsense interior.


The business end of things.  That’s a famous Facetti airbox, the tip of a Facetti tuning iceberg in this cars case, it having seen a lot of development by him early on when he and this car were associated with Scuderia Ambrosiana.  


The numbers.


An SZ makes the Giulietta 1300 engine look big.


More numbers.


A nice shot of the thought that went into the Veloce oil pan.


The interior in these cars is like a big leather glove.


A very practical control panel.


Fuel systems usually get a lot of work to make the cars track legal – it’s how it goes.


1 thought on “Market 548: SZ 00113 – exceptional

  1. A better buy is the car that Paul Russell is offering, it was bought new by George Fogg and used for his honeymoon , then raced SCCA and written up in the SZ book!

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