Market 547: Spider Veloce 11643 – long stalled project

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107 1495*11643, 00111*30278 (1960 TI engine).  From the Daniel J. Rapley seemingly never ending stockpile of Giulietta projects and available now on eBay is this 1960 Spider Veloce.  Original engine is missing, but a Veloce item is said to be available.  Car is complete and straight enough to be a good candidate, but a chunk of change will be required to get the rockers in good shape.  Why do I call it a long stalled project?  That silver respray appears to be quite old, and yet never to have seen the light of motoring day.


One wonders where this has been hiding?  I am continually surprised by the continual coming-out-of-the-woodwork of Giuliettas.  This car looks decent at first fluch, but the rockers are pretty bad, and when you dig into the rockers – you are starting from the bottom.


The good tail lights.  Maybe it did drive around in this paint.  License plate mounting has a temporary measure look to it.


A particularly poor engine compartment – but it all has to come apart anyway, so who cares right?


The almighty F.  Used to be you had to look for a bunch of clues that a car was a Veloce, now you just look it up in d’Amico and Tabucchi – they list all Veloces by vin.  No guess work!


You have to want to do a Veloce from the beginning – maybe as a challenge.  It’s all here – it’s all needing to come apart then go back together.


The planet has been trying to reclaim this one for a while.  Rust will win in the end – but it should take a while.


Rattle can it black – why not.  How bad could the original white have been?

It is a Veloce after all – go for it.  Glory awaits!


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