Market 546: Spider Veloce 06959 Dust and all

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*06959, 1315*32673.  The fine folks over at Significant Cars have this fresh from neglect 1959 Spider Veloce listed on eBay.  It is described as all original and having about 65,000 miles.  The neglect took its toll in the form of rusty rockers and spoiled finishes, but with care I think a lot of the originality could be preserved, and I am sure some of you are thinking the same ting as you contemplate whether to transfer some money around and make a play for it.


How would you feel if it was you unearthing this thing?  Me too!  I would detail this thing for 40 straight hours before turning a screw.  Make it absolutely as good as possible with what’s here and then make a plan.  Really is a fine looking specimen.


Really good shut lines on this car.  Why would you park and never do anything with this car?


Trunk fits very well too.  Needs a Lucas tail light.


White door panels.  Why not.  Maybe PO was a secret Liberace fan.  


There are a ton of tiny details to note before this comes apart -if it comes apart that is.  Has the correct rounded lobe wing nuts.  I once sold a pair for about $200.  Wish I still had them.


You know I like a verified vin.  Well, here it is!


You see this SALCHI decal a lot in reproduction on restored cars – almost never as an original on original paint.  


Yeah, you’re looking at either repairing this or sending your kid to a good college for a year.  I suppose if you’re looking at this with anything other than curiosity to span a little time you can afford both.



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