Market 545: Spider 750D 01109

Update November 1, 2016: Seller sent me these pictures of the engine and transmission.


Engine is pretty clean.  It is difficult to make the original castings look really great without bringing a lot of nasty chemicals to bear.  Note the cam cover does not have the cross piece at the back the later 750 engines have.  Lucas?


And with a tunnel case no less.  Wrenches not included.  I’ve got a big box of engine mounts somewhere…

October 28, 2016: Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*01109, 1315*41017.  This well displayed project Spider is available now on eBay out of the Chicago area from a seller  whose ebay sale cars I have written about a few times.  All the major components are either pictured or described.  I didn’t see it, but there must be a gallon bucket of fasteners somewhere.  Take note of the presentation – if you are selling a project, this is a good way to do it.


Gives the impression of being drive-able when it’s assembled like this – might clean the windshield though.  Every piece will need work and refinishing – every one, especially the big bracket in the middle.


Nice and straight back here.  We’ve all seen much worse.  Trunk lid fit is really good.


This is the rare long range model with an extra gas tank. – just don’t bring any luggage.  When the ranch is fixed up I may have to get myself one of these projects. 


The engine compartment is nice and simple this early in Giulietta production.  Shining up the valve cover goes a long way it seems.  


This all looks very nice too.  I’m going tho guess those bars are keeping things where they’re supposed to be body-wise.  I have one of these steering wheels in a box to be restored for my Sprint – need to get on that.


Miscellany.  Those seats are probably worth $1500 to several readers right now who are waffling at the cost of bare metal repro’s.


This build plate just needs a good cleaning.  Looking at the difference between body and engine number (1109 – 1017 = 92) and knowing that this early they would be plus or minus maybe 20 if there was no such thing as a Spider Veloce, one can guess that at this point somewhere between something like 70 and 110 bodies had been pulled from the line to become Veloce’s.  I’ll try and verify this later.


Every part is gonna need some elbow grease – the small stuff might get away with just some nose oil, but in either case, at least tracking down missing parts wont be Grant and Benjamin-ing you to death. 


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