Market 544: Sprint Zagato 10126 00207: other-worldly transport

Sprint Zagato 10126*00207, 00120*00634 (probably original), Body 634.  This amazing piece of functional art is available now from the good folks at Fantasy Junction for a mere $585,000.  With a generally accepted production run of 44 examples, the second series Giulietta Sprint Zagato, colloquially known as the Coda Tronca for practical reasons, is the third of what I imagine being four time-lapse frames. Frame one is the original run of Sprint Veloce Zagato one-offs that inspired frame two: the first series Sprint Zagato Coda Tonda.  Frame three is the series represented by this car, and frame four is the Straight out of science-fiction Tubolare Zagato or TZ if you’re the sort to worry about pronouncing foreign words correctly.  I suppose frame five would be the Tipo 33, but that fellow is its own can of beautiful worms with quite a few interesting permutations to explore.


Behold: the rarest production Giulietta by production number – and also my personal favorite.  I doubt I will ever own one, or even drive one for that matter, but aspirations being necessary for a healthy human brain and work ethic, I’ll  set my sights here.  A regular Giulietta Sprint looks BIG next to one of these.


Carrozzeria Zagato, between about 1955 and 1970 is a very interesting study.  They were able to in most cases improve on masterworks by Touring, Bertone, Pininfarina and others.  Producing variations on the themes that enhanced not just performance, but beauty.  I can’t think of another situation where this has happened.  It’s like if some small tailors shop in Paris was known for improving couture designs from Yves St Laurent, Givenchy and others.  It really is astonishing.


Love it or hate it, the Kamm tail served it’s purpose – adding a slippery back to a slippery front.  Ferrari has some particularly challenging Kamm tail designs.


Engine is a 1750 done to look like a 1300.  This car must really move!  Also must really have been a job shoehorning it in here.


A very nice, purposeful set of controls, displaying the strange beauty of perfectly realized function.


Seats look great.  Nothing to complain about with this car in my opinion.


This engine is included and is said to be the original to the car.  I suspect Alfa archives could say for sure.  


Firewall stamping.  Really is amazing they crafted these bodies around a trimmed down standard pan.  This kind of finish on the nether regions of its cars is standard for Zagato.


634.  Zagato body number.  Cool.  Anyone have any others for me to waste brain cycles pondering?


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