Market 543: Sprint Speciale 00681 – amazing condition

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00681, 00120*01310.  RM Sotheby’s is auctioning this car at the Duemila Ruote sale next month.  It’s not very often that I am faced with a car where I honestly can’t decide if it’s totally original, or was very well restored at some point in it’s life.  Maybe it’s the lack of wax and polish one usually expects a car about to be auctioned to have, maybe it’s the very even patina.  My gut tells me this is an original car that has maybe seen some restoration work over the years, but mostly wears an understated glow of careful care.


Major props to the restorer if this is a restored car.  I love the tiny little marker lights the cars around this VIN had.  Stance and door shut lines look great – and even the drivers side windshield wiper arm is in a totally reasonable position.


TV is from?  Crimped sections at the bottom of rockers and rear fender look to be in great shape.  White looks good on SS’s.



A really clean engine compartment – if original, it’s an argument for avoiding distracting stickers on components.  Those wing nuts on the plenum are original.  Generic items available today have a squared off wing, originals have rounded look to them – almost as though they were cast.  Maybe they were.


Nice.  Too bad I can’t read the first number of the odometer.  I’ve been thinking lately of covering the dash in my Sprint.  Anyone have a place in California that does a good job?


I’m really tempted to declare the seat fabric reproduction.  It would take a miraculous degree of care for there not to be any marks of age.  Look at how well the passenger door panel fits.


Those are the Carello headlights everyone wants.  It’s all just right.


The sheen of dust on the white paint would be very satisfying to remove.  Those are the right screws holding the firewall grommet clamps on.

Yep, I like this car.  I suspect it is kind of the sleeper of the bunch at that auction, and someone may get a great deal if it turns out to be all original.


5 thoughts on “Market 543: Sprint Speciale 00681 – amazing condition

  1. I know this car, it’s from my city, TV Treviso Italy….
    the owner was a person I know who had collected more than 500 best cars!!
    The SS it’s completly original!!!
    PS (I have ad Giulia SS 1963…) :)

  2. I think this car may be one of the best examples I have seen. However, having restored a good amount of Giuliettas in the last 5 years, there is something that makes me guess that this car was restored many years ago. The giveaways are the Giulietta Sprint Speciale badges and more important the Bertone badges. Years ago, I took apart a 2600 Coupe that looked like it was dropped from a high-rise building not to mention that it sat outside for over 35 years and the badges were like new. The badges on this car may give one a hint of the condition of the car prior to a restoration. Of course this is just a guess….. for all one knows, the badges were lost and replaced by a couple on the shelf.

  3. My unrestored crappy Sprint has unrestored crappy looking badges – where they are original at any rate. Tough to tell I guess. If we can’t tell, that makes it a good car in my opinion!


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