Market 542: Spider 750D 00861 – ready to roll

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00861, 1315*40850.  This numbers matching Spider 750D, available now on eBay is from the end of the second year of production.  In elegant white with red interior, it looks like a no nonsense well cared for example that is ready to be enjoyed.  Buy it Now price of $77,500 is probably a tad more than most Alfa enthusiasts will want to pay for it, and I’d really like to see the engine compartment in body color at this price. Make an offer a few thousand less and get the engine compartment painted if it concerns you.


Whoever at Alfa in the early 50’s was making the decisions about design and styling did an exceptional job.  All the Giulietta models walk a line between universal appeal and no compromises beauty in a way that no other model line from any maker I can think of has.


White suits these cars especially well.  When I get one, I expect it will be white.  Fit of the lower door and trunk edges is difficult to get right if they came apart for paint.  


That’s an early 105 rim.  Leather straps on either side of the spare are for tool kit and?


The numbers.  The right screws holding on the build plate.


I guess the engine compartment not being in body color doesn’t look bad in the way it would if the car were white with a red engine compartment.  This looks tidy, but it wouldn’t take much to bring it to the next level.


Interior looks very nice.


Trunk is clean and ready for your vintage hand bags.  What is original finish on a Giulietta Spider gas cap?  Is that an original or reproduction mat, or something the restorer made from generic sheet rubber extrusion?  Looks good in any case, mostly just curious.


3 thoughts on “Market 542: Spider 750D 00861 – ready to roll

  1. Dealer states that trans was redone. However, no mention if it has the rare tunnel case 4 speed. From the look of the way the stick comes out, it says split case. Also, no curved shift lever but a later one used on later cars.

  2. Interestingly….. 00862 is also currently available for sale on EBay with a buy now at $87,500. I believe that both cars are a steal ! I have always believed that a solid ’56 Giulietta is worth every bit as much as a very good Veloce.

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