Market 427: Fresh off the boat SS 10120 177276

Update October 21, 2016: I feel like a bit of a secret agent when I go through posts on my site and find an old post about a car currently on the market.  This Sprint Speciale is doing time at Fantasy Junction my local emporium of rarified cars whose prices remind me I should have studied Finance rather than Engineering.  FJ has it priced at $139,500 – the going rate for SS’s on dealer showroom floors these days.  Interior and engine compartment have been extensively improved.  I’ll try and stop by in the next few days to experience the rare non-virtual impression.


Everyone loves a good horizon shot!  Look the reflection of the horizon along the body – a neat effect.  The left grill bar on this car looks a tiny bit droopy in every picture – not sure if it’s an illusion or what.  Looks great!


The big sticker added behind the drivers side front wheel reportedly improves the cd by 2.6%, some feat on an already slippery shape – given the choice, I’d take the top speed hit removing it surely would cause.


What a difference the right interior and some detailing makes.  Compare this to as arrived photos below. 


Another testament to the power of elbow grease and care taken to make things look right.  That’s a 105 1600 intake manifold if I recall correctly.  

July 2, 2012: Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*177276, 00120*01477, 87*1028. This car is on eBay right now out of Bethlehem, CT. Car is said to be a recent import from Italy, where it had been in storage for 7 years after a ‘driver’ restoration. Looks pretty good. If the current trend holds true, the new owner will no doubt buy it and try and flip it for close to $200,000. Check it out.

I’ve seen this car before -I don’t remember if I wrote about it, but the rubber hood and trunk stays are familiar.  Italians are good at putting together a handsome car the second time around too.  If it was restored 10 years ago the original parts content should be high -it’s only been the last few years that I’ve seen repro SS stuff on the market -but maybe it’s always been available in Italy.

I would have to get rid of the rubber lid buckles -it’s not a Jeep!  Emblem is missing from the trunk lid.  Trunk lid fits well.  Wheels seem to all be Fergat’s. Scary thing is you need to see it in person to judge the paint -and yet someone will spend $118,900 on this car based on these pictures!

Hey Aaron, where is CH?  No spare?  No jack?  C’mon seller, you could add those items for less than $500, but I guess that’s $500 less profit.

Italians are also really good at getting the door weatherstripping sorted.  No rear view mirror? 

Door panels and seat covers would have to be redone to get this car from B+ to A-.  Too bad the curved door panel trim is missing.

Shoulder belt hooks are nice to have.  I’m guessing the seat belts live in these pockets when not in use?  Definitely needs some interior sorting.  I guess I lied about the weather stripping comment unless this just came undone.

Some to do here… wing nuts for the plenum top, wrong intake manifold, Bosch rather than Marelli regulator, heater duct in place of intake rubber hose, heater and fresh air intake hoses are from a clothes dryer or something, should have the low profile cam cover nuts and the cam cover is just too much red for one car.

Hello, my name is:



9 thoughts on “Market 427: Fresh off the boat SS 10120 177276

  1. Weird how it has the guilia side marker lights? Lots of detail issues, despite the seller quoting recent auction prices – this car needs a complete restoration. I would think 50 – 60 k would be fair.

    • I’ve seen a few with those marker lights, including the one I used to have. None of the issues are very big on this car and it’s better than the usual 60K car. 80K??


  2. Interesting that the car is listed as being in Connecticut, but the phone number provided is from Los Angeles.

  3. That’s an italian period square Plate and as said above CH is for Chieti (Abruzzo) :)
    As an aside note, the swiss plate CH (not the case here) is the acronym for “Confœderatio Helvetica”. Being Switzerland a multilanguage country, so as not to upset anyone they adopted a latin wording.

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