Market 541: Extremely nice 1960 Sprint 22219

Giulietta Sprint 10102 1493*22219, 1315*013171.  This European market Giulietta Sprint was reportedly purchased from Joe Mora in 2013 by an Alfa enthusiast in Chicagoland area. As purchased, the car had original but weathered paint and being somewhat of a perfectionist, the new owner decided to see what was under it. As shown by work in progress pictures on the B&L website, this looks to be a truly rust free example.

Story goes it was originally sold to a (one hopes) very stylish woman in Venice, where it stayed until 1982 when it was shipped to the USA.  The interior features new carpets and fresh vinyl. Headliner, dash, engine and rear end have never been apart.  This is a fine example and rarely does one find such an unmolested car at any price.

img_2465Great paint and exceptional chrome. Very good symmetry between all the pieces.  Interesting to see an original Italian front license plate frame.


Well sorted no-excuses interior. Gauges have little patina in evidence, but are reported to have never been apart. Clean steering wheel and very original dash with all original wiring and fully functional controls.  That extra lever on the column is the high beam switch – US cars have a Lucas mounted floor switch.


Proper interior with correct cloth inserts.  One of these days I’ll get on my Sprint… need to do, well, almost everything first!


Good shut lines. Original script and tail light lenses.  I forget how good looking the rear end of these cars is! 


Very complimentary view of a great shape!


This is a telling picture -note how the sun picks up and highlights the pinch welds at the bottom of what look to be great rockers, and the transitions from front fender to door to rear fender don’t distort the reflection much.


The numbers.  I’ll take an original build plate with some character any day.  I wonder what that nut is holding up on the opposite side of this panel?  Italians had some interesting accessories and anti-theft devices in the 1960’s.


An exemplary engine compartment.  Not over done with polish and stickers – just what you would expect to see if you travelled back in time and popped the hood some April afternoon at a filling station in Venice.  I like that the seller left the air horns intact. I hope they play a few bars of Vivaldi.

Even among the good ones this is a great car.  With an asking price of $89,500 it had better be!  It maybe on the high side, but if you follow live auctions, it seems like the best cars follow their own pricing rules.  In my experience, there is a particular breed of well funded buyers who just want the best car they can find of a particular model they are interested in, price being no object.

Let’s see where this car ends up.


2 thoughts on “Market 541: Extremely nice 1960 Sprint 22219

  1. I heard this car is now home to a collector on the west coast and that it sold for less than the asking $89,000 but more than $85,000. Makes one wonder why both ’56 Giulietta Spiders currently on E-bay aren’t asking for more money. Looks like Coupe’s are making a big comeback in the States….in some ways passing up European standards.

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