Market 539: Spider 00016 surfaces – coming to Duemila Ruote

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00016.  This early Spider, the 3rd production car, will be auctioned by RM Sothebys at the Duemila Ruote sale November 25 – 27 2016 and represents an opportunity for someone to buy and restore something special.  There will be lots of hand-made details to re-hand-make, and liberties will have to be taken in the interest of seeing it roadworthy in your lifetime, but there are other early examples out there to get information from, and skilled fabricators who can deal with whatever needs it has.  Be sure to check out the full catalog for this auction – lots of Alfa to be had!


Looks like a good example that’s ready for final bodywork and paint.  Rims appear to be correct rolled lip items.  I wonder what the Alfa archive has to say about the original color?  The other really early one I’ve captured in my markets was cream color.  Celeste is common for early cars too.


That gauge housing is one of the hallmarks of the early cars.  A few had side curtain style windows, but those may have just been prototypes.  What’s in the box!?!?


Did Spiders regularly have column shift?  I would expect this car to have it, unless it was converted early in life based on car 00015 looking to have been converted from column to floor, and car 00007 being column shift.  Cars 00033 and 00040 are both floor shift FWIW – but both are also restored and conversion from column shift is not an uncommon thing.


Neat tail lights.  Door fit is excellent.  Photographs are well done too… makes you want it to be painted silver.


The VIN.  Prospective buyers will want to inspect this carefully from the inside, and try and compare Pininfarina panel numbers to other early cars to make sure everything is on the up and up.  Or not – Auction companies are supposed to verify provenance to the best of their ability.

Looks like a solid buy to me if you have the funds to buy a car there will be a lot of competition for and then the funds to enlist the services of a competent Alfa Giulietta restorer.


5 thoughts on “Market 539: Spider 00016 surfaces – coming to Duemila Ruote

  1. The usual tailights on 750 european sprints and spiders, used even in some other models (1900 zagato for ex.) and prototypes of course. Neat elegant carellos, today they are rare.

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