Request for 2016 Monterey auction pictures!

October 19, 2016: Thanks all who have sent pictures, I still need a few of each to do proper posts for the cars.

October 16, 2016: I was looking at Goodings auction results from this last Monterey classic vehicle extravaganza.  They have three fairly nice Giuliettas that sold for good money.

1958 Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 04663 / 1315 31597 :: $148,500

1963 Giulia Sprint 1600 10112 354273 / 00112 04787 :: $77,000

1958 Giulietta Spider 750D 03368 / 1315 43164 :: $71,500

Does anyone here have pictures they’d be willing to share from the auction preview?  Email me at sprints at giuliettas dot com.  I don’t want to piss off Goodings using their pictures.



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