Market 538: SS 381294 in South Africa

Sprint Speciale 10121*381294, 00121*01310.  This clean example is on eBay right now out of South Africa. Starting price is $142,000, reserve not met.  The car has been gone over and presents very well, but could be improved in minor ways.  I think Alfa had a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) deal with South Africa where local labor was added to make a car ready for market in exchange for allowing Alfa to sell there.  It’s unclear if this SS would have been part of that scheme.  Versions of this happened in other countries – Mexico for sure.  A book could be written about the tangled web of deals made between countries so cars could be sold.


A fine looking machine that anyone would be proud to own and happy to drive.   Windshield wipers can look a little lost on these cars for some reason – not sure I could drive this car with the wipers where they are – but I’d certainly try!


Looks very nice from the rear corner as well.  I wonder if that’s a genuine period South African license plate?  Can’t tell what’s on the back of that weird white blob in the garage.  This makes me want a cobblestone driveway.


Unusual angle for an SS.  Lock surround has a little bit of corrosion, but it’s an inseparable assembly that takes a lot of finesse to take apart, re-chrome and get back together and have it work as it’s supposed to.  I’d live with a little corrosion too!


Fill cap should be black no?  I still need one of those spare clamps for my Sprint.


Great attention to detail here 


South Africa is a metric country?  Are there English Metric gauges?  I can’t remember.  Looks to me like matte black spray over the original wrinkle finish.  You don’t want to take this apart for refinishing unless you have to.


Tidy engine compartment.  Let the sticker comments commence.  


8 thoughts on “Market 538: SS 381294 in South Africa

  1. Matt- glad you’re back posting again! Nice SS. I believe you can get one of those spare tire hold down clamps for your Sprint thru Classic Alfa. I lost mine and was lucky enough to fine one on Ebay.

  2. Notice how the spokes on the badge above the the trunk lock point up on this car instead of down? That’s the same as on my car and shows there was no “correct” orientation. It’s whoever drilled the holes and mounted it that particular day at the factory. Maybe after a few glasses of wine at lunch! Gotten in a couple arguments about this over the years

    • Aren’t the two mounting holes symmetrical without respect to the rest of the trim such that it could be either way, with the spoke point either to 12 of the clock or 6 of the clock? I’ve seen a few in parts bins that had the holes off so that one spoke would neither be up nor down, more like 1130 or 530. Imagine explaining that on the showrooom floor :/


      • that’s interesting- I seem to remember when I had my badge off for painting the holes were at something like 1 oclock and 7 oclock and yet the spoke pointed straight up. It’s the only way it was straight- upside down it was completely askew.

  3. The starting bid is $142K and there are as yet no bidders. Does that seem high for a car with at least a non-original upholstery pattern? As for attention to detail, why isn’t the tach inserted in the dash at the proper angle? Matt, you keep track of prices on these cars–how does this one fit in?

  4. I’m not sure if it’s a great starting bid, but no matter how incorrect the interior may be…this is a car that should be sold north of $142K. A full leather interior by a very good shop will cost anywhere between $15K/ $20K, depending on location. The hides alone will cost every bit of $6K

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