Market 537: Spider 750D 05489 – rough roller

Spider 750D 1495*05489,  AR00530*11182* (not original).  This car recently received 31 bids and made $16,000 on eBay – but of course it is now relisted and receiving bids again.  Visible rust indicates there will be a lot of repair needed, although the trunk floor is surprisingly good.  It’s missing the transmission, front bumpers and center grill – none of which is particularly hard to find or expensive.  This is a good project for someone who has done this sort of project before.


Has the look of a parts car that someone realized was probably valuable in it’s own right.  Nose looks decent.  I’m going to guess the hood is not original.


The right way to do this repair involves some really challenging patch fabrication and welding.  This sort of thing is usually the result of poor paint prep during a respray.


These rockers will be the make or break of this project.  You have to go in several layers deep to do it right, and the patch panels seldom fit as well as you hope.  Find someone who has done these before to do the repair, and document the process like your life depends upon it – you need to be able to show exactly what was done and the quality of the repair to get your value from it should you decide to sell when it’s still a project.  Yeah, I know – never happens.


Tricolore of a different sort.  I bought a lot of cars over the years that looked like this.  Usually some squirrels or rats had stashed some nuts or what-not in here somewhere.  Is that am ammeter dangling by wires above the steering column?


See?  Pretty good!


A good bit of the original parts are here to work with.  Make sure your tetanus booster is up to date before you crawl under the dash on your back trying to remove all the gauges and what-not.


I like to call this a positive ID.


Auction description: “This auction is for a project  1959 ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SPIDER. 

         The car is missing the transmission the front bumper and grill. Other than that the car is all complete as far as we can see.

          This car will need complete restoration. There is some surface rust and the rocker panel has some rust holes. Again this car will need to be restored.

          Please ask any questions you may have before bidding. If you need more pictures please ask and we’ll send more pictures to you.”


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