Market 52: Omaha Giulietta Spider project 170178

Update October 13, 2016. Another success story.  Eight years ago almost to the day this car was a stalled project, looking like a few bucks and hoping for rain in the form of a value bump enough to be worth tidying up and putting back together for either enjoyment or resale.  That rain came.

I like the color combo and the restoration was done by a Giulietta specialist well known for quality work in Alfa circles.  I’m guessing that a discussion about a purchase price around the $44,000 asking could buy it.  I’m also guessing everyone involved would be happy since it’s very likely better in person as it looks in pictures.


It’s strange to think you can become immune enough to the charms of something like this that you lose the wonder and awe you felt the first time you saw one.  Gotta get my steel and aluminum 3D printer working.

Original post October 13, 2008.

Giulietta Spider 101.03 AR170718, engine 1315*010994*. This car ended 10/8/08 on eBay with reserve not met at $7500. A quick look at Fusi’s reference book shows that the chassis is a 1961 Giulietta Spider and the engine is from a 1959 Sprint, though I believe Sprints and Spiders shared this engine number range. From the feel of the auction I would guess the car is at a body shop where the body shop ended up with an abandoned project. It happens.

Lookin’ not so good! Almost looks like an uncut fiberglass nose with all the paint masking still in place. The bridge of the nose, bumper mount stand-offs and the lip of the wheel wells all look really good, so maybe just finish the paint job if you can stomach this yellow.

Masking in the wheel well looks weird. Yellow paint seems to have been thoroughly applied. I can see the convertible top resting on the floor of the interior. Windshield is off in this picture and it appears to be leaking some sort of fluid.

Text of the ad reads: Almost totally complete project with all new suspension under it including straps cables bushing and ball joints.My loss is your gain.Correct series 1300 with new main and rod bearings. New pistons and cylinders installed. Head reworked awaiting install. Later model 5 speed gearbox by Uncle Rick(thanks big guy) with new bushing. New YnZ’s wiring harness. Bumpers, grill and most other chrome replated. Gauges recalibrated at Palo Alto by p.o and in excellant condition. I didn’t unwrap them all but they are fine. Top frame and windshield are in great shape, seats are typical but are there. The 101 series wheels are blasted and primed. Wheels on the car are 750 style in poor condition. New floormats come with. Extra rear end. Brake cylinders are rusty but there. Radiator recored all knobs and dash cables complete and good Sold with bill of sale.Questions email or 402 301 2802

I’m not certain but that buldge in the underside in front of the rear wheel looks wrong. Overspray is one of my pet peaves! I would want better pictures of the underside.

ngine looks pretty good, but I like the look of clean but unpolished porous castings on these engines. Boy am I picky.

Lots of parts to see here if you know what you are looking for/at. Shelving not included. Looks like a Veloce oil pan peeking out from under some of the boxes on the middle shelf.

Someone spent some money on chrome. I imagine the grill and hubcap are new as new items are much cheaper than straightening rechroming original parts. I think the little stuff seen here is the marker lights and one front bumper over-rider. Dig the custom yellow battery leads in the trunk. Over-spray is not your friend.

For all my belly-aching I think this is probably a pretty good car. If the prep was done well, a respray shouldn’t be too expensive. I would want a complete inventory of parts before I committed to buy based on a vague guess that all parts are present, unless the purchase price is very reasonable. I like it for as much as $9000.


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