Market 180: Project Spider Veloce 10107*171715

Update October 12, 2016: Nice to see this charming project making a fresh appearance.  The times have seriously changed since late 2009 / early 2010!  This model has surged in value, parts availability has improved a bit, and getting quality work done has gotten much more expensive and necessary. On top of that, my taste for ragged drivers has diminished a bit (see my original comments below for a laugh).

The car has been soda-blasted and treated to some metal repairs that look to have been competently done. It comes with many of its original parts that 6 years ago were slated to be sold separately.  Good deal.


Looks like the same car from many moons ago.  What’s that blue thing sitting next to it?  I watched a friend repair a bunch of metal in a car like this, that started out looking about this good.  Was quite an ordeal, and not in any way cheap.


I’m going to guess the seller is several years into getting it to this point.  Hopefully pictures prior to application of primer are available.  It really is a lot of work, so documenting it is important if you want to get the value from the work.

Item description: 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

This car was disassembled, soda blasted put on a rotisserie and all the metal work was done to perfection. I have all the parts to complete the car, as it was a running, driving car when I took the car apart. I am an Alfa Romeo collector and have restored over 20 of these cars in my lifetime. I recently sold my other Veloce for over $125,000, I focus on the metal work because I do not use fillers at my shop unless a very thin wipe is needed to level something very small out. 
This car is confirmed a matching number car by Marc Fazio in Italy. The car needs to be painted, engine rebuilt, trans rebuilt, re assembled and interior. Rest assure I did all the hard work already. 
I am selling this car because I have the opportunity to purchase my dream car and I just can’t afford to do both. If you would like me to paint it for you, I certainly would love to and it will be very reasonable since it has already been blocked out for the most part. Just pick a color. The car was originally red. 
I suggest doing some research on what these cars are worth. This is a rare opportunity to own a Veloce and be into it below 100K. 


Update January 10, 2010: A respectable 30 bidders made their play for this car and someone is taking it home for $21,100.  I feel redundant saying it, but it’s likely headed for Europe, to be listed on some site there for 25,000 Euro’s or more.  So it goes.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107*171715, 00106*00587. This car, an original California Black Plate car is on eBay out of Florida.  Sounds like the usual ‘got it, started to take it apart and then got distracted’ scenario.  Would be neat to see someone in California step up and reclaim one of our exports.

alfa giulietta spider veloce 10107 171715 front

I would drop the engine back in, do the brakes, give it a polish and go.  Front trim has great patina -keep it so.

alfa giulietta spider veloce 10107 171715 d f corner

Paint has some burn through but the body looks great.  Maybe a sympathetic paint job aimed at maintaining the patina of the car?

alfa giulietta spider veloce 10107 171715 d side

Wheels all look to be Borrani’s.  This is the best shot of the interior on the auction.  There is a link to more pictures but my work firewall doesn’t allow access to photobucket.  From here it looks to match the rest of the car.

alfa giulietta spider veloce 10107 171715 trunk

Badge is looking not so good but easily replaced.  Trunk fit is excellent.  Having been off the road since 74 has kept it out of the high bumper/no-respect-for-other-peoples-cars era that we are still in and its resulting parking-by-braille dents.  Yes, that’s the top of a CA black plate.

alfa giulietta spider veloce 10107 171715 p side

This door fits good too.  I think those are original seats.

alfa giulietta spider veloce 10107 171715 rocker

Very nice rocker and wheel opening shapes.  The seam where the outer, inner and middle panels all get tacked together is in excellent shape.  Trim looks good too.

alfa giulietta spider veloce 10107 171715 engine comp

I see the Veloce filter/regulator.   A quick tidy before the engine goes in would have this all looking great.  Am I the only one who likes original warts-and-all cars besides Aaron, Andrew and Jaan?

alfa giulietta spider veloce 10107 171715 engine block

The Veloce block.  Seller mentions a bunch of Veloce parts (head, cams, oil pan etc) that will be auctioned separate from this car and while it would maybe maximize the proceeds from the liquidation of this car to sell them separately, there is something that feels unethical about separating them if they belong with it and some people will probably be put off by it.

A pretty good car from a lot of perspectives that will probably make less than the seller is hoping and head off to Western Europe.  At least it survives.

2009 Spider Veloce sales results.


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