Market 535: Giulietta SS 00246. Nice, but…

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00246.  This car is on eBay right now out of Saint Ann Missouri.  It presents very well, but has some details that have me and probably most people who know SS’s and would consider spending money on this car scratching their heads.  It’s kind of like someone who didn’t know there were two distinct versions of the SS restored it based on looking at a car that was the wrong series.  This is not to say this is a bad car in any way – and it’s not too difficult making a car this nice “correct”, but the buyer should just be aware of the liberties that were taken, or the parts book was not consulted when restoring it. Asking price is $139,900. I haven’t been paying too much attention to live auctions, so I can’t say where this falls in today’s price spectrum.

I like the little slice of gentlemans study they have it sitting in. It’s hard to tell in this picture but this car has Giulia SS badges rather than Giulietta. Like i said, not terrible to fix. Paint looks phenomenal in the pictures, but I would want to see it in person before I bought it. Panel fit, trim fit and everything else looks great.

The bright-work all fits nicely (I’m sure someone will digress) – It’s amazing that all the pieces are available now. When I had my SS project, you had to track down banged up, rusty original parts and have them restored. Repro parts still need to be fit to the car prior to chroming and assembly.
405852-010Never the most flattering angle for these, but the fish eye effect obscures it just enough. At least they consistently applied the wrong badges to this car. European tail lights on a car with a USA version VIN number (see two pictures down picture).

405852-034I kind of want to resort to a bullet point list here, but will just say, it appears the restorer had access to a Giulia SS engine bay and kind of fudged it to get a somewhat reasonable approximation. I wonder what engine is in here? Not sure where that brake fluid reservoir came from. Enjoy as is and make it more original as the right parts present themselves.

405852-036The parts book identifies 10117 as VIN for USA bound cars. I think they all but abandoned it within 200 cars or so. I believe the firewall is still stamped 10120.

405852-039That carpet is more of a Pininfarina Giulietta Spider shade of red than a Bertone shade of red – should be about the same as the vinyl on the seats. Interesting they chose to paint the exposed metal above the door panels black instead of body color as would have been original. Steering wheel and gauge cluster looks great. I think they have black vinyl behind the gauges instead of black paint.

405852-044I don’t think these are original seats. The backs are a bit too thin (originals are usually fairly square at the top) and the adjustment mechanisms are definitely not correct. If I was restoring one of these and didn’t have the right seats, I’d go with those Coppa seats.

405852-052Jack? Tools? Something else isn’t right back here, but I can’t put my finger on it.

I would be happy to consult on a project like this if you are trying to achieve an investment grade level of finish and originality. My rates are reasonable!


8 thoughts on “Market 535: Giulietta SS 00246. Nice, but…

  1. It’s also a Giulia steering wheel, and a Giulia Sprint upholstery pattern; don’t know if they also used the latter in the SS.

  2. Also seems to be missing the catch mechanism for the trunk latch on the body, rubber seal goes around the edge of the trunk lid (not on the body opening).

  3. A nice, “shiny” car but the rear wheel “flairs” in the body work are the worst example of someone taking “artistic license” and no amount of re-badging to a Guilietta is going to correct that. Too bad when stuff like that happens. Not an easy fix.

  4. This car was for sale some time back, it had a ugly dashboard, horrible gray berber style carpet. the car had been painted but no trim other than head light trim rings and tail lights were installed. There were few photos posted. I had no idea where the photos came from so it is listed in the SS register as unknown owner.

  5. Have to say- Love the showroom though. I may have to put oriental carpets and leather wing back chairs in my garage!

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