Market 534: 1961 Sprint 10102*157352 -white interior!

Giulietta Sprint 10102*157352.  This car is on eBay right now being listed out of New Jersey, but actually residing in Italy.  This slight location disparity will probably put off a lot of buyers, so a good deal may be possible if a buyer is not in a hurry and leverages eBays buyer protections.  It was previously bid up to $25,532,  a smokin’ deal if that auction was for this car being sold out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

s-l1600 (3)

Hello handsome!  NA = Napoli?  Nice setting for a car shoot.  Very presentable car.  

1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Chassis number: AR 157352 



The car is currently in Italy but custom clearance and shipping to New York are included in the final selling price. Once payment is settled, we will take care at our own expenses of shipping the car with a container to the port of New York. Customs clearance will also be at our expense and a full set of original documents will be provided to insure a quick registration with the US DOT.  The buyer will only have to take care of shipping from our warehouse in New Jersey to the final destination in the US.   Delivery time to New Jersey is estimated to be between 20 to 30 days from payment.

We will be glad to provide quotes for shipping in Europe, South America, Japan, Asia, and Australia. Just send us an email.

We accept payments through PayPal, or bank wires.

The car for sale was built in Italy in 1961 and was completely renovated in 2014 in Caserta (italy)both mechanical part and the bodywork.

The car is a rare piece and the conditions for this kind of car that is 55 years old are fabulous. No problem of body and no sign of rust. The engine is fully functional and the tires are in good condition

The paint used (Black) in the restoration of the same color and type of the original. The car is working perfectly and drive it on the streets is a fun indescribable

The car has leather interior White, also restored in 2014. The car from 2014 has covered only 1500 km.

The car is registered to ASI Italian Register of Vintage car since 2009. Membership is guaranteed for original spare parts to 100% in the various renovations.

On request we can provide other info and more photos.”

s-l1600 (9)

These cars look good in black.  I still think these license plate brackets are a bit heavy handed for the lines of a Sprint.  This reminds me I need to get around to adding the reflectors to mine.

s-l1600 (13)

Dash looks nice.  This is the first time I’ve seen a horn ring trim in black.   Rubber mats are of unknown origin. 

s-l1600 (14)

White interior is an odd choice – kinda looks like they were trying to go for the Ferrari 246 look.  I don’t think I could live with it very long.  Door panels are missing the swoopy trim, unless this year model didn’t have it (which I doubt).

s-l1600 (18)

No indication whether the engine is original.  Could definitely do with some finishing under here, but as it sits it doesn’t look bad.  The aluminum water pump fan and valve cover lead me to believe it’s a period correct engine if not original.

s-l1600 (20)

Tidy.  Note missing bulls-eye base for the Alfa badge.  This is the correct bumper for this series, with the elevated license plate lights.

s-l1600 (21)

This is what it usually looks like under here.


10 thoughts on “Market 534: 1961 Sprint 10102*157352 -white interior!

  1. The offer of payment of shipping and customs clearance plus the way the ad is worded smell of scam to me. Hope there’s a way to check it.

    • Yeah – it is a little strange, and I bet eBay has a one-size-fits-all approach to guarantees that makes this less of a sure thing than it should be. Perhaps arrange an escrow situation for this?


    • careful with this car…
      ‘the owner’ or who ever has this car in sale at says, he don’t know about a sale or shipping or whatever in the usa…
      i had some mailcontact with him.

  2. It seems that “complete renovation” can mean many different things. The underside of this Sprint looks untouched and given that, what does a renovated “fully functional engine” mean? If the car was restored 1500 kms ago I would think that the tires would be closer to new condition rather than “good condition”. For me the lack of specific information about this car does not give me any confidence as to what I would be buying. Dennis

    • I emailed the seller
      the price they want is 56000 euro. a quick look thru the history of sales shows a common thread of original cars with a quick coat of paint and a description of a recent restoration. the recent apint could hide anything.
      engine has tabs on the front of the head so head at least is not original. I have a bad feeling about this one.

      cheers ian

      • That’s a little steep for the lack of information given. Thanks for the update. I’ve been looking around for a legitimate Giulietta Sprint for a couple months now. This site is fantastic by the way. Learning a lot from the Models page you have here. I bought a ’74 105 GTV last year and am falling in love with the Alfa brand.

    • it’s still on sale, for 45’000 euro
      but careful… the car suppose to be in napoly (south part of italy)
      many cheeting people around there

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