Market 533: Mexico Sprint 07413 on SF Bay area CL

Update April 13, 2016:  Talked to the buyer of this car the day before yesterday.  He’s very enthusiastic about it and has begun a rolling restoration.  He says it is absolutely rust free and in many ways better than he expected.  As the comment below says, we will all be belly-aching about how we should have bought this car in 5 years.

Update February 15, 2016: This car has been listed on eBay.  It has 8 bids and sits at $40,000 as I type.  I should be nicer to my Sprint -maybe even get it painted!

February 1, 2016: Giulietta Sprint 750B 07413.  This Sprint is on my local Craigslist.  Has all the hallmarks of a survivor from Mexico… redone but totally deviating from original interior.  Odd components in the engine compartment and probably a black 80’s cassette deck.  Asking price is $38,000.  One needs to see this in person checking carefully for filler.


Looks like a Sprint.  I can’t tell if the sill trim is missing or just nor original.  No wipers.  


Steering wheel looks weird – like it was sanded too thin.  Interior gets the job done, but is no where near original.


Lots to do.


Have these wheels been modified?  Lips look a bit big.


Odd unfinished headliner edge.


The old finger trick.  Looks decent from back here.  License plate is off center and it has a Sprint Veloce badge.


Brake fluid bottle is probably from a Toyota or VW.  All kinds of unfinished and cruddy under here.  Lots and lots to do.


9 thoughts on “Market 533: Mexico Sprint 07413 on SF Bay area CL

  1. I saw the car and talked with the owner at the Russo and Steel auction last week. The car needs much but looks better than most. He said he had an offer at $36k which made me not interested given what it needs. New interior was poor and almost everything needed attention. No. Everything. Even the glass was scratched signicantly. Every piece as I recall. The data plate was bought from ebay and he didn’t know what was correct. Hmmm.

  2. I think those wheels were an option on the 101’s. Maybe dealer supplied. I have a couple that were chrome and offset just like these. The rim is the same width as the standard painted ones.
    Do you suppose this really was a Veloce, originally. Hard to tell with the under hood ductwork just out of the picture.
    I enjoy your posts very much.
    Santa Fe

  3. I believe this car was at Russo Steele in Scottsdale last weekend, but it didn’t sell. Interestingly, it’s not in the catalog nor in the results list, but I looked it over when I was there. Lots to do is an apt description, including shocks/ suspension.

    • I think JC is right on price-wise. Hard to know how many cans of de-nasty it will take. I have to say, not in defense of the asking price or whatever, but we lose sight of the fact that there is a lot of ‘more than the sum of its parts’ value to a car like this you can drive around and improve. Rust is the big question.


  4. Even so….all things considered….in 20 years the decimal point will move over yet again, and those of us left alive will refrain, “I remember when I passed on a Red Mexican Sprint for only $30k…..”

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