Market 515: SS 10121 381227 in Texas

February 15, 2016: After failing to sell for $127,500 last fall, this car has been relisted for $114,500.  Market getting soft or just more realistic?

October 6, 2015:  Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381227, 00121*01269, Body 87*2658.  Another SS surfaces, this time from Driversource in Texas via eBay.  It really is amazing how many SS’s come to market these days.  The asking price on this one is $127,500 Buy it now or Make offer.  It has several AROC markings.  Anyone know this car?


So far so good.  This one has Borrani steel wheels -something some of you get excited about.  This thing sits nice and low.


The blacking out under the chin is a bit asymmetric.  Meh.  Interesting rear view mirror.


What he said about the other side.


Some asymmetry in the blacking out at this end too.  Note the white carries right up to the exhaust pipe cut out, but on the other side ends a few inches sooner.  Double meh.  I have one of the AROC badges seen here.  It has like 1/4-20 studs on it, so if you buy this and want to remove it, you have some work to do.


Cool.  Was it the bad guys in Tron who were red + black?  I dig the woodgrain dash.  Finest walnut or contact paper?  I shouldn’t jest, this is a really nice interior.  Makes my Sprint’s look like, well, not as good er.


Interesting the airbox top is mirror finish and the valve cover is not.  Usually these two are in agreement.  I suspect that aluminum airbox top is not original, though some very late SS’s seem to have had the oval exit type seen here from new.  Usually the exit is round.


One way to do it.  I wonder if it’s clear coated?


6 thoughts on “Market 515: SS 10121 381227 in Texas

  1. Hi,
    not an expert, but I had a Giulia Sprint GT ’66 new when I was with the Army in Germany, and currently have a ’65 Giulia Spider Veloce for the past 30+ years. The vent pipe off of the air box intake is ’67 or ’68 as the earlier Giulia engines did not have it.

  2. The air intake cover is wrong.
    I own a Giulia SS build later than this one, and it has the normal round air exit.
    You will also find this on pictures of later cars in the register section.
    There never was any oval air exit on Giulia SS.
    The oval air exit belongs to 105 cars and has a connection for the engine breather.
    The 101 engine has it’s engine breather on the back of the block!
    The head is obviously a 105 head with big inbus scews.
    The valve cover is 105 with it’s nonsensical engine breather hose.
    The big rear view mirror mounted to the windscreen is wrong of course.
    The rear lights are mounted upside down.
    The passenger side wiper arm should be angeled.
    The trunk lid is missing it’s badge.
    The car has an antenna, but a radio blanking plate.


  3. To add .. the bottom part of the dash should be the same color / material as seats. Hate the fake wood dash! Seats over contoured. Hate polished aluminum in engine bay …. why do people do that? Engine compartment missing many correct hose clamps. The missing story is what the underside is like.

  4. On my ss the Alfa logo said sprint speciale and it had another badge on the boot lid above the lock,
    what I like on this car is the colour of the interior, mine is this red with black bodywork, can’t wait to finish mine

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