Market 532: Giulia Spider Veloce 390662

Update January 22 2016: 1 bid buys the car at the opening price of $69,900.  I wonder if the seller actually let it go?  Sounded like they were into it for much more than that.  A lot of guys would like to see this Spider model get expensive ($100K+), but I just haven’t seen it yet.

completed auction

January 8 2016: Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390662.  This super clean example of a late Spider Veloce is on eBay right now.  It has a blank factory replacement engine that is said to be built to 00121 spec, though it would be hard to verify this.  The seller quotes a survivor-ship of 1965 built cars as 150 – 350 out of 801, not sure where this number comes from.  Asking price is $109,000 buy it now, with a $69,900 opening bid – probably not a bad deal at the low end of this range if all the work quoted was done to the standard it looks to have been done to.  Too bad about the original engine though.

s-l1600 (4)

Milano plate I believe.  Very nicely put together restoration.  Another red one… 

Great shut lines!  These Cintaurato tires look smaller than I am used to.

s-l1600 (1)

Trunk fit is as good as they ever are.  Red, chrome and black are a good combo.  Nice looking pad too.  

s-l1600 (5)

Welcoming.  Said to be recent door panels and seat covers.

s-l1600 (3)


s-l1600 (10)

Shine and decals are a little beyond new.  Attention to details is admirable if not necessarily correct.

s-l1600 (16)

German market build plate.




1 thought on “Market 532: Giulia Spider Veloce 390662

  1. Interesting that we see two Giulia Spider Veloces on the market in one week. that is exceptionally rare to even see one on the market let alone two. This car was built two weeks before my car, 390688.

    German market car as evidenced by the registration plate on the fire wall.

    I would bet that the block rotted away from corrosion from either pulled studs or liner seal rot. Where is the metal plate that goes over the heater intake hose? If that is missing, makes me wonder what else is not right. Could the aluminum/asbestos heat shield be missing too? What is the compression ratio of the pistons? Filter King fuel regulator. The turn signals are orange and where in the world did that ugly back up light come from?

    The car was originally sky blue and not Alfa Red. If Alfa Romeo only offered every car as red that would be one thing, but to paint every Alfa red is not right.

    You would have to go to my Giulia Spider Veloce register to come up with survivor numbers and I am not even quoted as the source.

    Nice restoration even if the parts are not all correct or missing. I would like to see it go for more towards the $130K mark or more, because of supply and demand.

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