Market 531: 101 Spider Normal 168828 at auction

Giulietta Spider 10103 168828.  This car is being auctioned by BVA auctions right now.  Looks like a decent starting point if a project is your thing and you are in Western Europe.  Opening bid is 19,000 Euro – not ridiculous.  Might be the kind of project where you can assemble it, get it running and enjoy it for a while before really digging in.  I suppose that depends mostly on the health of the engine.


Body looks pretty good.  Seats appear to be Fiat 850 items.  I like the little marker lights.  Door shut line is great.  


Neat Altissimo lenses.  Above average form back here too.


Steering wheel has the usual split at about 3 of the clock.  Are vent windows unusual in this series?


Radiator is out, but included in the pile o’ stuff.  Interesting coil!  I wonder what has given the engine that bronze color.  Some sort of protective spray -coppertone?


The numbers!  Someday I’ll have thousands of pictures of cars with numbers included.  Why would anyone rattle can the wire grommet clamp black?  The stock coating is durable and nice looking. 


Apparently there was a sale on rattle can black when this car was being improved.


The stuff.  Boxes look leakier than usual.



2 thoughts on “Market 531: 101 Spider Normal 168828 at auction

  1. Merry Christmas to all

    Late ’60 spec fixed hood car, Fusi shows early ’61 build, but the archives will tell the full story. Vent windows are stock fitments as it’s a LWB car. Glass brake fluid reservoir shows French delivery through the Renault Dealership network. Odds over evens that it wasn’t resale red when new, hence the rattle can black.


  2. Yes the 101’s had fixed vent windows. Not sure about the tail lamps and what ever that is under the tail lamps. 3 shoe front drum brakes?

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