Market 530: Sprint Veloce 101 project on Craigslist

Kjell sent me an email about this car a few days ago, and by the time I got around to doing anything about it, it had been pulled from Craigslist.  Anyone here the lucky new owner?


Looks like a decent enough starting point.  Wire wheels are exceedingly uncommon on Giuliettas.  Front bumpers pop up occasionally on eBay.


This looks pretty good.  No evidence of rot .  I bet a fastidious approach to detailing could save the paint on this.


A very nice steering wheel.  Interior should clean up to look great.  Expect the seat stuffing to be crunchy – not terribly difficult to fix.


If you ever wondered what sort of fasteners held this badge on originally, now you know.


This could easily look great.


This probably tells the most.  Over-spray, partially disassembled, whether on its way in or out is important to know.  Hopefully the firewall mounted air box is somewhere in the accompanying boxes you hope this car has.  If not, well, it could be worse.

sprint veloce craigslist



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