Market 529: Spider 750D 00406 – older restoration

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00406, 1315*40343.  This early Spider is on eBay now with a high asking price of $55,000.  It needs to be inspected in person to determine if the price is right.  Early Spiders have been popping up a lot this year!

s-l1600 (2)

Great color!  Funny pin stripe.  Looks like a good honest car – everything fits together well.

s-l1600 (13)

Ooo – a hard top!  Did you know these have numbers assigned by Pininfarina?  I’ve been meaning to do a post asking for hardtop numbers readers have.

s-l1600 (8)

Whole lotta blue on this car.  If the carpet isn’t all brittle (happens) you could probably dye it if you were dead set on original.

s-l1600 (9)

This would clean up nicely.   Add a set of David’s inserts and you’d have a nice set of gauges.

s-l1600 (10)

Car has a 105 series engine right now, but includes the original.  Lots to improve in here -I’d save it for when the original engine is rebuilt.


“This car is an old restoration from the 80’s and is a second owner car since the 70’s and is the last car from a 40-car collection in Greenwich, CT. The car sat in the barn for several years until the owner shipped it from SC to CT to Alfa’s unlimited where her husband had some cars serviced. She spent $3,600 having it sorted to sell then had it shipped back to SC where it is now. I am including the service records in the photos.The owner drives it for around 20 min twice a month to keep the brakes functioning well as recommended by an Alfa expert.

This car is very solid as it was well cared for so for an old restoration, this is a real straightforward car. The restoration consisted of a paint job, the convertible top and the seats however as you can see in the photos the carpet is original, and faded.The car also comes with the original engine on a pallet as I was told the owner swapped engines, as he would take the car to Lime Rock and run it around the track. Photos 5, 6, &7 will confirm the matching numbers. The hardtop has a dent in it but we do not know how it happened. I am three hours south from where the car is so please, serious private buyers only and FYI I have turned down offers of $35,000.”

s-l1600 (5)


s-l1600 (6)

Original block.

s-l1600 (18)

Not bad in here.



1 thought on “Market 529: Spider 750D 00406 – older restoration

  1. Carpets are not original, most likely a ’70’s re-trim now faded – this car would have had a tunnel case transmission when new. The carpet over the tunnel is not the same as a split case.


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