Market 528: Spider Veloce 750F 05175

Giulietta Spider 750F 1495*05175, 1315*40406 (not matching – also includes 1315*011891).  I got an email from regular reader Chris that he wanted to list his Spider Veloce project for sale on -the time pressures of new fatherhood meant he doubted he would get around to finishing it any time soon.  The car is near Kalamazoo Michigan.

The body metalwork has been done and the car painted.  The chrome has all been refinished, and a good amount of it put back on the car.  All the finish work looks to have been done pretty well.  The underside and suspension appears to have been untouched.  The original engine is not included – seller didn’t get it when he bought the car.  The Spider 750D engine included is a really early one, so some creative parts hunting and selling may see this car with an unoriginal but close Veloce engine for not too much money out of pocket, though 40DCO3’s are probably getting prohibitively expensive.  Seller hasn’t provided a comprehensive list, but says it includes lots of extra trim parts, a set of steel wheels, a pair of Dellorto DHLAs probably form the late 60’s, the extra 1959 Giulietta engine and more.

email me at sprints @ giuliettas . com if you want to be put in contact with the seller.


Look -a red Spider Veloce!  Seller is asking $65,000 for car and all parts.  Engine doesn’t currently run – something about a frozen cam, but it has run since being installed.  Assume the worst and probably be pleasantly surprised.  


An originality oriented buyer will want to paint the rocker area red before fitting the trim.  Notice the trim mounting holes are in good shape – makes me think this started out a more rust free than usual example.  


Paint looks to be very high quality.  Of course you want to go have a look in person if you are worried.  Steering wheel is a 101 item – still plenty valuable, sell it and buy a 750 item.

Alfa 3

A good looking car for sure: chrome is nice and straight and hood fits very well.  Some incorrect things include the rear view mirror and side mirror, not a big deal; and the seats – a bigger deal, but the bump in value created spending $2500 or whatever getting them correct is well worth it.

Alfa 1

Trunk and door shut lines look great.  Steering wheel is a 101 item.  

Alfa 2

Dash edging should be done in wrinkle finish, as should the steering column and dash top.  These sorts of jobs will not keep you off the road, and can be enjoyable sunny weekend tasks.  Not sure where these seats came from, but they fit better than most of the unoriginal seats I’ve seen in Spiders over the years.

VIN on Firewall

The required F.


More numbers.

Note from Marco Fazio at Alfa regarding this car: “According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 1495.05175 and the engine number AR 1315.31906 originally correspond to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce, manufactured on the 12th November 1958 and sold on the 26thNovember 1958 to Hoffman Motor Car Co., New York, U.S.A.  The body colour is red.”

Alfa 3 (1)

This is a work in progress (WIP) shot of the engine bay.  A lot is missing and there is a lot of disarray.  Engine looks clean, but as mentioned doesn’t run, though it has run since being installed.  There are a lot of differences between a Veloce engine and what you see here.  Getting everything aligned and working well together can be a big undertaking, but on the bright side, once the over-spray and wiring has been addressed, and a well set-up engine installed, you will have a good car.

Car currently has a split case 4 speed.  It is unknown what exhaust manifold/headers it was assembled with. Wiring harness is a universal replacement, so an originality focused buyer should consider the expense of dealing with this… not too bad a job if I recall.

Depending on your skills and needs, this might be a good deal for you.  The lack of a matching engine means it will never be a top top dollar car, but if a ‘close enough’ Veloce block could be sourced, along with all the intake parts etc, this could still be worth quite a bit more than the asking price when done.  It could probably be put on the road easily enough, and from there improved at whatever pace.


6 thoughts on “Market 528: Spider Veloce 750F 05175

  1. I have a ’58 Veloce motor #131531952 that is apart and needs to be rebuilt. I have all the correct veloce parts to go with it from intake manifold, DCO3 carbs, air box, headers,oil pan, cams,air-filter canister,and the correct four speed trans. Please contact site owner. Thanks, Jeff Kollar

  2. Interesting- my 1958 spider veloce, which I bought without the original engine or data plate, has a body serial number of one later than Chris’s car (1495.F.05176), and according to Fazio was built Nov. 17, 1958, five days later. I don’t know the number of my original engine, but would it be safe to assume it could be the next in line from the number of the above car– 1315.31907?

    I’d love to know what my original engine number would have been, but Mr. Fazio will not release that information!

    • Hi Christopher,
      That would be my car. Can you (or anyone reading) shed any light on my engine number question? If my car (05176) has the next sequential body number as the car listed above (05175) and shown in the info plate photo, should my original engine have the next number in the sequence shown on the plate- therefore 31907?



      • Tony, regarding the sequence of engine numbers. I found the answer to this question back in the 1970s on a trip to the factory from Cav. Luigi Fusi himself. He said that the engines were all pre built and stockpiled in a warehouse. As the cars were pulled from storage after arriving from Pininfarina, they were randomly selected, the engines were pulled randomly and installed. Hence your car was 5 days later built with what ever engine came from the storage. Just shows you just how random all of this was. I would be hard pressed to find a car with the correct engine in sequence out of all that were built. It wasn’t at all like the English built cars where the next one in line got the next in line engine to keep things in order. Just be glad that we have an engine that goes with the car of the year or if we are lucky from the month it was built.

      • Wonderful! Thanks for that reply, Christopher. Imagine, dozens of beautiful, shiny, freshly-built Veloce motors all lined up…

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