Market 525: SS 177202 at Artcurial

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*177202, 00120*00850.  This SS failed to sell at Artcurial on November 1 2015.  Estimate was 105,000 – 120,000 Euro’s.  Not terrifically high or low, so likely there just wasn’t anyone inclined to buy one on that particular day.  You have to wonder how many SS buyers there are in the world for an SS at this price, especially considering how many nicely restored cars keep coming to market such as this one.

ss850 front left corner

Don’t need no stinking hub caps.  Hood shut line is almost invisible.  Attractive example!

ss850 engine from right

I would lose the red if it were mine.  How’d they get the wing nuts to align and be tight?  Some odd action for the in-hose thermostat.  Otherwise quite tidy under the hood.

ss850 interior from left

I know it’s more or less original, but I don’t really like the loose looking carpets where the feet go.  Seats and door panels really look great to me.  Not sure what’s up with the steering hub bolts.  

ss850 rear left corner

All good back here.  

ss850 right side

Neat location.  Car looks great in profile, even if some people don’t appreciate the mismatched wheel openings.

ss850 seats from left

I could learn to live with this.  Looks to have had shoulder belt holes drilled in the body below the rear side windows at one point.


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