Market 524: Very late 10106 Sprint Veloce 159755

Giulietta Sprint Veloce 10106*159755, 00106*02602.  This car was auctioned by Artcurial on November 1 but failed to sell.  Bluette or Tornado blue is a great color.  Numbers are matching, and it’s pretty complete, but there is some non-originality and loose ends to be fussed over by the prospective new owner.    alfa_romeo_giulietta_sprint_4

Fog / driving lights recall seldom seen Bertone accessories -probably Cibie or Marchal units.  Looks like an honest driver Sprint in a very nice setting.


Rear view is not original.  Not sure what the toggle above the cigarette lighter does, but it’s not much to worry about.  If this were mine I’d be tempted to do the interior in light gray.  


The important stuff is here, just needs some careful attention.  Note duct tape on hood liner.  Car has a glass brake fluid reservoir.


No rocker trim spears.  Door doesn’t look to fit well, maybe it has a new gasket?


Badge for Algiers bound cars?  I don’t think I’ve seen one like it.

Capturesv5 engine number

Engine number verified.

sv gauges

Good looking original gauges.  .

“French registration
Chassis # 159755
Engine No. AR00106*02602

– Nice patina
– Rare Veloce version, matching numbers
– Pure design, lusty engine

According to Alfa Romeo’s Centro Documentazione this Giulietta Sprint Veloce was manufactured on July 29, 1961 and sold on 3rd October the same year in Algiers. In a light blue Iseo tint, it was purchased in 1978 by Mr. Emperaire, in Nice, and then changed hands four more times between 2003 and today. The current owner bought the car in 2013. A comprehensive folder of invoices since 1990 comes with the car and shows the complete restoration carried out in 1990 by the garage Alfa Romeo Ricord in Nice, an engine refurbishment in 2003 by Alfa specialist VEC Racing, and the overhaul of the brakes in 2005. In 2007, a discrete alternator replaced the dynamo, and the starter was chaged too. Since then, routine maintenance has been carried out regularly.
Still in its pretty blue hue, with grey velvet and blue skai interior, powered by its original engine and certified by Alfa Romeo, this a Giulietta Sprint Veloce combines an elegant Bertone body and a very exuberant twin cam engine, aspirated by twin carburetors. The current owner, an automobile enthusiast and a collector of quality automobiles, told us that he had a lot of fun driving this car with its homogenous patina. In this rare and exclusive Veloce version, this recognized and admired classic car is eligible for most of the prestigious events.”


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