Market 49: Splotchy 101 Sprint project in Florida

October 29 2015: This car has come back on the market after a bit of a hibernation and a healthy coat of rattle can primer.  Interesting to read my comments from 2008 and think about how the market has moved since.  It probably changed hands for just under $10,000 back then, and now it’s already at $14,200 with 31 bids and just under 3 days to go.  Amazing how things change.


Looks like a nicer starting point today than it did 7 years ago.  Also noteworthy is that this is a 10102, not a 10105, so it, has metric gauges and was originally probably meant for Italy -though it may have been a Mexico or Venezuela bound car.  Anyone know if Mexico or Venezuela cars have Italian language gauge inserts?

October 10 2008: I’m sure at least one of you out there were wondering what the seller wants for this car.  Well wonder no longer, this car is available now on Hemmings website.  Asking price is $11,900.  Are we in a financial crisis or not?  More pictures can be seen on Picasa (unless like me your employer blocks Picasa access for some reason).  What do I think?  For $11,900 this car should run, drive, stop and not make you worry about when you last had a Tetanus shot.  Subtract the cost to make it so and you are back to a $5500 car.  It is a free country though so be prepared to see this car on the market for a while.

September 22 2008:  Reserve not met! Bidding ended at $5950 with 15 bids placed.  I bet the seller wanted $6000 and is trying to make a deal with the high bidder.  Relists always fall flat and this is pretty good money for this car.

Giulietta Sprint 10102 1493*20205, engine 1315*010311.  Here is a reportedly rust free 101 Sprint Project that is currently on eBay out of Florida.  I would want to verify the rust free claim with pictures as Florida has a climate that promotes rust.  Car wears new tires which is a plus at least as far as rolling it around while working on it is concerned and if they are of good quality your $300 ahead of the game.  Everything on the outside is still bolted in place though it’s tough to tell for sure from the pictures it all looks reasonably straight.  

You can assume the ‘blush’ on the front of this car hides surface rust of the sort seen on the drivers door.  I like the fender-forward mounted mirrors (maybe a Japanese market car?) and the trim looks good.  If you are bidding, assume it will all need rechroming.

You really have to wonder how the paint on a car gets this bad.  Rear trim is present and appears straight.  Note the sticker on the rear tire.  Anyone want to wager on whether these are the $30 South American tires made for VW’s or $90+ Pirelli’s or Vredestein’s?  Me neither.

A pleasant surprise, the underhood sound deadening material and light with cross pieces are in above average shape.  Looks like the radiator is there.  I am going to guess this car was factory color ‘Amber White’.

Blue and white interior is my favorite for these cars.  While this all looks pretty good and will serve as a wonderful pattern for a new interior, it’s still going to cost a lot to restore.

Fuel pump, engine mount, distributor, flywheel are all present.  Oil pan looks like the normale pressed steel type.  Condition of the crank is iffy.  Probably best to plan on getting another period engine for parts.

Here is more of the missing stuff.  I’d ask for an item by item inventory before I assumed everything was present.  Those two aluminum bits in the lower left corner are parts for the eyebrow 750 Sprint bumpers (not 101 Sprint) which makes me wonder if all these parts are from this car or if there are parts from another car included to ‘flesh out’ the included parts pile.

I could see this car going for $5500 or maybe a little more if further pictures and a parts inventory made it seem like a better deal.  I’ve found an average of about one a week for project Sprints the last few months and I can’t help but think the market is getting softer by the day as more cars like this are brought to market.  Maybe it’s time for a Crappy Sprint Project sellers consortium, something along the lines of OPEC, to get together and release reserves in a controlled manner to help stabilize  the market!


6 thoughts on “Market 49: Splotchy 101 Sprint project in Florida

  1. Kind of interesting that the numbers indicate this is a 1959 Sprint yet it was advertised and sold as a 1960.
    Matt – you do well by avoiding mention of the build year in the cars you feature, it only opens another can of …

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