Sprint “Visaterm Securit” marked rear glass

Elmar sent me these pictures of his spare Alfa glass. Interesting to see the differences.



Rueckscheibe01I bought a spare rear windscreen for my Sprint recently thinking that if I ever painted my car (I want to) I’d want to replace the orbital sanded unit it currently wears.  I got this replacement from a friend and am curious about its provenance.  It has nicely beveled edges and makers marking “Visaterm Securit” along the top edge.  It seems to be the right shape, but I haven’t ever seen a Sprint rear windscreen with this marking or beveled edges.  Anyone have one?

I should note the rest of my windows have a Securit marking, just not the rear window.


What it appears to be and all that.  Yep, thats my hood spear and yep, my paint could use some love.


6 thoughts on “Sprint “Visaterm Securit” marked rear glass

  1. I checked my car and it reads :
    IGV 037/56 V

    On the rear window,
    The Front reads:

    IGM 12 73 VP


  2. Hi Matt,
    I send you a quick shot ( excuse the horrible quality ) of the marking on my 101.12 of 1962 back window.
    Note that the “VISATERM”on your glass stands most probably for vetro termico which is italian for tinted glass, meant to diminish the heat build up in the car from solar radiation. In fact you can notice on your photo that it has a slight green tint. Could be a part of Bertone’s Optional Catalog?
    I could ask Corrado Lopresto if he has this type of glass on his “full optional” blue Sprint.

    Thanks for all that you’re publishing,

  3. I parted out a 750B Giulietta Sprint about 30 years ago. (I now know, a big mistake!) I have been storing the backlight since, and have no reason to think it wasn’t the original glass.
    I just cleaned and checked it over, and it has no markings at all. It does have a nice greenish tint.
    My opinion/vote is that some were from a different supplier.

    • I had to look really hard to find the script on my rear window. Its toward the top, in the center, and very faint. So faint that I had to catch the light just right to see it.

      They could very well have different suppliers as my side windows are made by someone other than Securit.

      • Ah, thanks for info. I just checked and the rear quarter windows each have mark, but both different.. (Unlike the backlight, I can’t be certain these are from same car.)
        A “Securit” dated? 4-8-55. And another “VitRex” 27-7-55.
        Interesting stuff these Guiliettas….:-))

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