Market 520: Restored 750D 03923

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*03923, 1315*43831.  This car is available in Italy right now for 85,000 Euro.  A strong ask for a non-Veloce Spider, but it is a fairly early, very well restored, matching numbers short wheel base (SWB) car in a desirable color combo.

Email me if you are interested.


I know it’s tough to tell very much, but panel fit and paint finish look really good.  Looks like the same marker lights as I see on some SS’s. 


Engine compartment is finished pretty true to original.  Not overly polished, stickered or modified.


Looks as good as the top.  


Really tidy.  None of the usual stray wires hanging down etc.  Even has the round fluted shift knob.


Pretty good back here too.


Door fit is really good.  Tires appear a bit small.  Really nice car!!


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